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those shirts are all way too tight, and paired with loose bottoms, they make you look really unbalanced. First jeans are pretty bad in fit, very baggy, and the 2nd ones make you look like you have huge legs (not sure if you do or if its just a combination of camera angle and the fit of the pants)fit issues aside, the styling is bad too, I don't think I've ever seen a tie and jeans look good together, always looks like someones trying way too hard, in my opinion. What you...
shit, are the multicolor lunar one's out already? I thought it was next month? also I just realized I don't know of any shops that sell nike that ship to the UK anyone have any recommendations there?
i found the same at first, dug into the bone on my ankle, but i just bent it back and fourth a few times to soften the leather on the heel counter, and now they're fine.
i wear mine with basically any shade of denim. a nice diversifier from the only-black-boots thing i was doing before.
its times like this I wish we could delete posts.
sounds like I need a 40, shame that almost everything on yoox is a 38
anyone know how it fits? I'm usually between 38 and 40.
ha,this post makes me want to hire him just to see what his 'advice' entails.
how is he not banned yet? People aren't allowed to advertise their shitty T-shirt screen printing businesses on the forum, so why is he able to advertise his 'style advice' service?I also dont think i've ever seen him make a post worth reading.
theres thishttp://www.styleforum.net/t/243095/official-best-of-waywt-favorite-fitsotherwise you can just click the gallery on the top righthand side of waywt (or any thread with pictures) to see all the pictures posted in the thread.
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