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its times like this I wish we could delete posts.
sounds like I need a 40, shame that almost everything on yoox is a 38
anyone know how it fits? I'm usually between 38 and 40.
ha,this post makes me want to hire him just to see what his 'advice' entails.
how is he not banned yet? People aren't allowed to advertise their shitty T-shirt screen printing businesses on the forum, so why is he able to advertise his 'style advice' service?I also dont think i've ever seen him make a post worth reading.
theres thishttp://www.styleforum.net/t/243095/official-best-of-waywt-favorite-fitsotherwise you can just click the gallery on the top righthand side of waywt (or any thread with pictures) to see all the pictures posted in the thread.
is it hate on bikers time? cool. theres this narrow main road by my work thats busy as hell during rush hour (only way to the motorway), 60mph road and you can barely fit two cars side-by-side on it, yet cyclists insist on riding down that road when everyone's trying to get home from work, what a pain in the ass. I'm surprised they dont get sideswiped more often.
i dont know about everyone else but i dont really care about ultra limited edition heavy japanese denim woven in some ancient forest somewhere, as long as its half-decent quality, I care much more about the cut, which is why I like APC's, the cut just works well for me. If these cheaper brands can produce a good cut, and not just endless amounts of straight leg jeans, then more power to them.
I ordered my moto beginning of march, i'm still holding onto hope that it may come in the next month.
james may did floral shirts first. speaking of, almost all high street shops where I live are selling floral shirts, but I can't actually recall anyone around here wearing them.
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