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Because of the banding around the bottom
That trench coat looks amazing. Video is cool too, nice to see how things work behind the scenes.
Seersucker jacket available in black, that could be interesting. It does look kinda long though.
Depends who you ask. I would say they are reputable, they have a thread here: options on everything. Regarding reputation, its I think 3/4ths of TOJ's employees, same makers, etc. A lot of people are sore at TOJ as the main guy stole a bunch of people's money and took off to open a restaurant, and then was never seen or heard from again. My understanding is the...
Does anyone here own a 4-button blazer? If so, do you have any pictures of how it looks with the collar folded down? I can't find any online.
Picked up a poeme bohemian blazer off yoox, I would say it runs small despite yoox saying they run large. Shoulders on the 40 are bang-on 17", whereas I really need something in the 17.5" to 18" range. High armholes and very slim arms, yet the waist and hips were a bit big. Would probably fit a size 38 with a pot-belly. Fabric was really cool though, cotton, soft with a shrunken/wrinkly texture. I assume they made the jackets then washed/dried them as the interior...
So much more affordable too. I guess as members age they tend to get more money and aquire more expensive tastes. I've seen it first hand on guitar forums also, years back when I was in college and poor, we mostly used cheaper gear apart from a few older members with nicer stuff. But as the userbase aged, we all got jobs and were able to buy nicer stuff.
How long does yoox take to ship these days? I haven't bought anything from there in years, but a jacket I ordered last Wednesday is still says "in preparation"
Thats one thing I'd like to buy (which I forgot about), a cast iron skillet. Is there anything special to look for there, or are all cast iron pans about the same? Any reason to get an enamel-lined one like Le Creuset, or is cast iron inside better?
Ah I see now, curved leg. I suppose that is why they stack all the way up the leg. Pretty cool.
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