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everyone that hasn't ordered a 4 zip lamb moto should probably just order one The grain on the leather used in the gussets is awesome, I kind of wish the grain was this apparent on the rest of the jacket.
You don't work your feet bro?
F/W 2014
For some reason it won't let me quote on my phone anymore. Anyway, thanks for the recommendation Dlester, I'll check that out. With regards to hair loss; its just because the product I am using now gets sticky without a bit of moisture so my hair gets pulled. I have a pretty pronounced widows peak though (have done since I was young) and pretty much every male in my family has gone bald so I'm sure I'll start losing it at some point. Propecia here I come!
Make sure you use common sense when you're trusting charly. If you give him shitty measurements you'll get a shitty reccomendation, compare the measurements he sent you with stuff you already have. I changed quite a few of Charly's measurements after cross-referencing measurements with other jackets I own, and I'm glad I did.
Everyone should ask Charly for the Drew fit.
ok so I followed that 'andrew does hair' guy's video, and atleast its all going in the same direction now. My hair is pretty fine and soft so it drys pretty much instantly when a blowdryer touches it. [[SPOILER]] I don't understand, when it was this length a few months back it was dead easy to style. Then I grew it out a bit, and cut it back down and now its hard to comb Also, another thing I've noticed; product is damn hard to spread through dry hair. I'm using bumble...
i forgot to x-post, i'm still really liking these cast/nimbus jeans. They're pretty much my main jeans now, which is bad for my half-worn-in APC's because they'll never get as good looking if I keep wearing these instead.My camera is kind of a piece of shit though, so it makes the lap look less contrasty than it is in real life.
really cool video, thanks!Now I kind of regret cutting a bunch of length off my hair last week...its funny, he brings up so many things that I do that are wrong, apparently
How important would you guys say the blowdryer is? I've never tried that. I have pretty fine hair aswell, so it doesn't like heavy stuff. I'll check out those products though, thanks dudes.
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