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These, along with socks and underwear, are the only things I tumble dry these days. Too annoying for clothes to look beat so quickly, and change shape so quickly.
I have some black cowboy boots I wear often with a suit at work. I wish I could wear them casually, but none of my jeans are wide enough to fit over them, and I would feel like an idiot boot tucking. I've also always been tempted to buy some spurs on eBay, and scratch up the carpet in the office everywhere I walk. I want to find a black nubuck pair with a narrow shaft (or maybe some kind of zip boot variety?), and then find some interesting trousers or straight leg jeans...
Cheers for the review. May just order both and see if I like them, I'm not going to London to see it in person. Measurements make them look rather roomy, a medium should work for me I think.
How was the seersucker jacket? I liked the idea of a black seersucker jacket but the pictures on the US website make it look kinda long and boring. Lightweight jacket looks cool, I like the olive, but I'm curious about the fabric now. Normally I'd immediately dismiss as its 100% polyester, however you guys have me intrigued. Apparently gets released March 3rd in the UK.
Fit looks really good. Thems some shiny zips.
I try to be as fair a buyer as possible on eBay, but I wonder how much cool stuff I want that I miss out on because people are too weary to sell there these days. I would never sell anything there. Just recently bought a guitar on eBay from a guy in Australia. Awfully trusting to ship something across the world, but I'm glad he did.
That parka looks badass.
I would also be interested in this, I have been jonesing for a long coat that reaches mid-calf or longer, but I can't ever find anything I like that isn't like £1,000.
Got my minimalist 2.0 wool DNA trousers today, really awesome.I know my pictures suck, so I spoilered them. I think I know why though, some dust has worked its way under the lens on my phone, so everything comes out kinda blurry and weird now. [[SPOILER]] Definitely fit slimmer than the minimalist heavy linen trousers in the same size. Slimmer thigh and waist, also the rise I think is a bit lower. Though I guess comparing is kind of hard given that the cuts are totally...
My anecdotal evidence is stuff I've had shipped from the U.S. to the UK has been trackable. USPS tracking stops working when it enters the UK (though does then update to show when delivered).However since USPS passes off to the local postal service, I can put the USPS tracking number into the Parcelforce or Royal Mail website and get tracking info.
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