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That parka looks badass.
I would also be interested in this, I have been jonesing for a long coat that reaches mid-calf or longer, but I can't ever find anything I like that isn't like £1,000.
Got my minimalist 2.0 wool DNA trousers today, really awesome.I know my pictures suck, so I spoilered them. I think I know why though, some dust has worked its way under the lens on my phone, so everything comes out kinda blurry and weird now. [[SPOILER]] Definitely fit slimmer than the minimalist heavy linen trousers in the same size. Slimmer thigh and waist, also the rise I think is a bit lower. Though I guess comparing is kind of hard given that the cuts are totally...
My anecdotal evidence is stuff I've had shipped from the U.S. to the UK has been trackable. USPS tracking stops working when it enters the UK (though does then update to show when delivered).However since USPS passes off to the local postal service, I can put the USPS tracking number into the Parcelforce or Royal Mail website and get tracking info.
Really surprised by the amount of lefties here. I'm usually alone.
Where the hell do you even get ahold of one of those tron lasers to digitize things?
Very cool, so are those jackets totally unstructured, and about as thick as a shirt? May be too light for English summer for me, but still pretty cool.
Never been a big fan of Levi's, they've always blown out knees and crotches way faster than other jeans I've had. I haven't had a pair in years now. Girlfriend recently bought two pairs, and one of the pairs has had about 4 broken seams so far. The other pair has been solid though.
woo, lefties
I've never treated any of my leather shoes, including MMM, and they seem fine. I just try to avoid rain if the shoes are suede, and if they have leather soles, let them dry a couple days if they get wet on the bottom (not next to a radiator or other heat source).
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