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normally I wouldn't buy it but it was actually the cheapest in the store, which is kinda weird.
its probably the angle, assuming your mirror isn't warped. You're viewing from head-height in the mirror, but if your camera is low, say waist height or lower, it will throw all the proportions off. Where I prop up my camera, I think its a bit above belly-button height for me.Or maybe you're just standing different when you stand for the picture since you don't have a reference for what you look like (unless your mirror is behind your camera, in which case, forget this...
I found a giant mirror in an elevator over the weekend, couldn't help myself. I know the shoes don't match but my black ones are soaked wet through the sole at the moment.
The countryside is pretty awesome. I was living in Wales in the country for a few years and just recently moved into the city in Chester (closer to work) and now I just wanna move back.
synthese, do you live in the UK now? I could have sworn you were from Colorado or something.
hey didn't know this thread was still alive.my grey boots have held up great considering the price I paid for them. They've been through rain storms, rough nights out, etc, had plenty of drinks spilled on them, and while the finish is grubby as hell looking since I never bothered to polish them (I prefer the grey look over black), they've not deteriorated at all. The rubber on the heel started to peel a bit so I just superglued it down.blurry indoor pictures since its...
Man, I haven't been here in a few weeks and I was content with just having a moto, but now I see orders appear to still be open, I'm starting to itch for that suiting wool MA1 again... If they're still open next week perhaps I will be emailing charly. Atleast sizing should be easy since I think they're stock sizes only.
stolen already!
Cole; that damage doesn't look that bad, If I were you, I'd try to save some cash, pull the fender off and hammer it out from the other side if possible (there may be some structure on the inside of the fender that would need to be removed or worked around). From there it probably won't look nearly as bad. Hell, some white spraypaint would probably cover it from there for the time being.
i wouldn't
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