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But I thought he was a racist islamaphobic homophobic hydrophobic hydrophilic bigot?
That looks awesome. Are they actually cork or a treatment on leather?
Well that's a bummer about flannel sizing. I'm only 5'10" and take a medium usually, though they're getting tight across the shoulders so I'm probably gonna have to go to size large soon. I hope they release some patchwork ones again, I have a few from a couple years ago I really like.
I think people should pay more attention to the leg fit than the waist. Not everyone has the same size legs in relation to their waist either. The ideal fit for one person may be to go tts and wear a belt, the same leg fit for another person may require sizing down and letting the waist stretch. I've always gone down 2" with my pairs (sz 29 measures approx 31", then stretches another 2" or so) and the fit is fine for me.
All this shoe talk makes me want to get new work shoes to wear with suits. I have some old Loakes that a pretty beat at this point. Trickers country shoes with a commando sole look cool.
There's those Raf-lookin Gravitypope derbies. Dunno if they're any good though.
I've never liked cuffs, or cropped trousers. I'll sooner wear everything too long. I do admit they look good on some people though.
Probably not, unless you bleach the jeans to the light color of the combs.I have some John Elliot jeans from a few years back with fake combs on the back (amongst other fades), they've been washed a lot and they're still clearly there.They don't look bad if thats what you're worried about. Not really ostentatious looking. I think SF in general doesn't mind pre-faded jeans anymore, as long as its done tastefully. Not like back in the old days when anything that wasn't...
There's no longer any doubt in my mind, Rais is clearly a CIA asset doing wetwork in the jungle.
Shows how much I know about EG, I'm gonna have to read up some more on their various cuts, I was only aware of the bedford.
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