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No shrinking around the leg opening as I recall, minor length shrinkage only (and the overall leg/waist shrinking to around their new size but that stretches back out quickly enough).And there aren't really any rules to sizing, if you like how true-to-size fits, go with that. Though if you can easily button them up when new and unstretched, I'd wear a belt.
I only ever washed mine cold, but the inseam shrank maybe an inch, nothing major, really.The jeans do stretch a ton in the waist and legs when worn though, and will shrink back to about their original size when washed, so if you're looking for something slim fit, you'll likely not be able to button them after washing for about 30 minutes.Indigo APC's also lose dye quick with multiple washes, so you'd probably have not-that-dark jeans after a while.For what its worth, the...
No, I don't think I was clear with my first post. If the guy is on a $700,000 and is bitching about a $1,700,000 house, that is still a house that is only 2.4x his annual salary. Mine was closer to 4x and I'm firmly in the regular jackoff category, my house was like £120k
No idea, is that a lot?Mine is a 2-bedroom bungalow in the UK, not big but also not cramped.Edit- just found a floor plan on the sold listing, says 1,574 square feet, but I don't know if I trust that since the kitchen shape is wrong. Probably close enough.
Lol even if he spent 1.7m on a house, on that salary, that's almost twice as good a salary-to-houseprice ratio as when I bought my house, not in a city and not in a rich area.No sympathy here. Buy the house or telecommute or whatever.
Tapered my black raw APC NS since I felt they were a bit messy from the knee down, brought from about 7-3/8" hem to 7", much cleaner looking. I feel like I'm really late to the tapered jeans party.
I wear uniqlo gym shorts and the polyester running shirts I've got free from various races. Actually I hang dry those since they're already almost dry right out of the washing machine, doesn't seem like theres any point in throwing them in the dryer.
These, along with socks and underwear, are the only things I tumble dry these days. Too annoying for clothes to look beat so quickly, and change shape so quickly.
I have some black cowboy boots I wear often with a suit at work. I wish I could wear them casually, but none of my jeans are wide enough to fit over them, and I would feel like an idiot boot tucking. I've also always been tempted to buy some spurs on eBay, and scratch up the carpet in the office everywhere I walk. I want to find a black nubuck pair with a narrow shaft (or maybe some kind of zip boot variety?), and then find some interesting trousers or straight leg jeans...
Cheers for the review. May just order both and see if I like them, I'm not going to London to see it in person. Measurements make them look rather roomy, a medium should work for me I think.
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