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Long time no see, internets Kind of wish I didn't lose my old camera.
I don't think the excess leather looks bad, looks more like a product of an un-broken-in jacket and an awkward pose. Doesn't appear to be an issue when you're standing upright. Will you often be zipping it all the way up to the neck?Personally I've never had an issue with a jacket/shirt with an extra inch or so in the chest, just makes it easier to move. Its when the chest gets too tight that things look silly. This jacket looks best when its a bit oversized anyway in...
So you plan to loose weight, and also put on muscle. So you will loose weight from your waist, chest and shoulders and then put on some weight in your chest and shoulders from lifting. Its pretty much impossible to know how much unless you previously lifted and took time off, and now you just want to get back there (still iffy logic though).I think the 48 will be too small, as its already looking too small in the shoulders, in my opinion. Especially since this jacket...
Washed and tumble dried my flannels, shrank in length just enough to look normal. Not sure how much, maybe an inch. The shoulders/upper back shrank a bit too which I was hoping to avoid. Not tight though, just a bit snug. That part will probably stretch out though.
This is the reason I got the mild-looking red one and the grey one. But jets pic kinda makes me wish I also grabbed the multicolor one.Cool, hopefully I won't have to hem them since I'm really lazy when it comes to sewing.
Just picked up a couple of the patchwork flannels. I really like the fabric, very soft. Fit TTS for me [[SPOILER]] My only issue with them its they're a bit long for me by maybe 2" in the body. Has anyone washed/dried them yet? Do they loose any length?I usually don't tumble-dry anything but underwear because it seems to change the feel of the fabric, but if it loses an inch from doing so, I'll probably do it.
normally I wouldn't buy it but it was actually the cheapest in the store, which is kinda weird.
its probably the angle, assuming your mirror isn't warped. You're viewing from head-height in the mirror, but if your camera is low, say waist height or lower, it will throw all the proportions off. Where I prop up my camera, I think its a bit above belly-button height for me.Or maybe you're just standing different when you stand for the picture since you don't have a reference for what you look like (unless your mirror is behind your camera, in which case, forget this...
I found a giant mirror in an elevator over the weekend, couldn't help myself. I know the shoes don't match but my black ones are soaked wet through the sole at the moment.
The countryside is pretty awesome. I was living in Wales in the country for a few years and just recently moved into the city in Chester (closer to work) and now I just wanna move back.
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