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Hey that is so not fair he had a sore finger and plus they lost the toss and got sent out first and that is just luck I think Ponting ought to call it a day actually.
It was a sad day for Australian cricket.
Quote: Originally Posted by Matt I'm no Cruise fan, and some of his antics in the past couple of years have been more than a little odd, but I dont really see what the fuss is about with this video. He was interviewed for 10 minutes about scientology and why he thinks it is great for his life. So what did he do? He spoke for 10 minutes about scientology and why he thinks it is great for his life...equips his with the tools he feels he needs etc etc. ...
Quote: Originally Posted by JohnsNotHere Interesting... I had issues with the blonde that works there. The old one? She's pretty clueless, but seemed nice enough. I don't recommend asking her to take your measurements though, unless you want some light entertainment.
Quote: Originally Posted by jaypee CJs not on sale.. dirty The SA at Chatswood was umm'ing and arr'ing and then a more knowledge girl came over (damn her) and informed him they weren’t! I really dislike the attitude on the brunette that works at the Chatswood store. Quote: Originally Posted by Charlie's Wardrobe Actually I was just thinking this the other day in Canberra of all places, land of the very poorly dressed public...
I don't think that C&Js sold at herringbone are good value for the price point, but it's up to you guys if you want to burn through that kind of cash for that kind of shoe. For those that were asking I think henry bucks used to sell C&Js, but they don't any longer.
Quote: Originally Posted by Blackhood I was in a similar position to you; though I'd dropped out of flying school so had no education to speak of! This article helped me out a great deal: Its a bit cheesy, and I for one thought I was nutts doing it at first, but it lead me in a direction I never thought I'd take. Oh god, that is horrible.
Technically they are not assuming anything, as they are making an effort to ask.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jumbie TY to whoever banned Glados at last. He was getting extremely tiresome. +1
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