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Quote: Originally Posted by Essentio Top 3 according to the answers: Chuck Taylor When I think of Chucks, I think of the original over-the-ankle style: Of those who suggested that Chucks were the most stylish pair of classic sneakers, which style did you have in mind?
Quote: Originally Posted by gregaz I think little people are all talk ... each time I post a stock they come out wishing there were 30's and 28's, but when I actually post some - no buyers. Step up, little people!! 30's too big, 28 is too small. I wish there were more 29s!
Personally, I can't stand when my jeans go past the bottoms of my shoes so that I step on the hem when I walk. In answer to your question, though, I think it depends on the size of the opening. IMHO, narrow jeans should come just to the top of the shoe (or shorter, but I don't care for that myself), while wider jeans should bunch a little on the shoe.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jumbie Tiger's pretty old. I hope you have an Intel Mac and it's not PPC cause then you're SOL. I have a first generation Macbook Pro - I was on the Intel bandwagon at the beginning. I think they shipped with Tiger for about a year before Leopard was released. Panther is the most recent version that was only provided on PPCs.
I'm still running Tiger, so Snow Leopard is a major upgrade for me regardless of how much it adds to Leopard. My copy is in the mail.
Beautiful. Too bad it's all too big for me.
Quote: Originally Posted by MatthewN I've been debating this very question, as I live a couple thousand kilometres from the nearest store that would have such things. I think I'm going to wait until the next time I'm in the area rather than risk a poor fit. Apparently I'm not as patient as I hoped; I've just bought a pair of shoes from the B&S forum due to a good deal. Fingers crossed for a good fit.
Quote: Originally Posted by clee1982 p.s. 20.75 on chest, you sure? that's like 5.5 over listed size, thought it's usually 4 over at most. According to the tag, this is a 46R, not a 36R - that would explain the difference. Unless I'm missing something?
Quote: Originally Posted by StephenHero You could do much worse than the J.Crew Herringbone Ludlow suit. Ha! Thanks for the photoshop job - and the advice too. I'll keep that suit in mind for future purchases.
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