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Perhaps it would be more pertinent to ask people how much they mark items up, and derive an average from the poll, rather than asking people to speculate on the average markup.
I see you have the same problem I do - buy a shirt to fit your neck, and everything else is too big. The chest looks about right. The shoulders are too wide, the sleeves are too long, and it should be narrower at the waist, especially around the back.
Quote: Originally Posted by bunburying @laughter95 & @hth2002, I'm not sure I understand your math. I live in the United States. If I were to order the Westbournes from Pediwear the total including shipping would be 431.755 USD. I have the option of returning the shoes at my own cost if they don't fit. You have to admit that that's quite a lot more than your stated '350ish'. The key to this math is that pediwear price-matches any...
Well done! The vest is definitely a nice touch.
Having never seen them in person, the Walnut looks similar enough to the Cognac online to be an acceptable pairing. I wear links without a jacket. Some SFers disapprove, but it doesn't seem to be a major faux pas.
Quote: Originally Posted by jkw But I actually live in england... I hate when all my American peers say they're off to school I could be wrong, but I think he was referring to the use of "uni" instead of "university" (not instead of "school" or "college"). And I agree with him; "uni" is silly. You're going to a university.
Damn, those went fast!
I'd wear a dress shirt with that combo, something with a bit of colour/pattern so it doesn't look too formal. Personally, I'm a huge fan of pink.
This looks fun. I would totally buy it if it weren't for the fact that I really don't need another jacket. Maybe I should anyway...
Quote: Originally Posted by raulb I like the Italian fabric on Jason's site but most of it seems to be out of stock. Fabric is something I don't have a lot of knowledge about so would love the forum opinion and help to select a nice charcoal or med/deep grey fabric available at TAT, for official events, not social family/friends related occasions. I recently ordered a medium grey suit from TAT, and I asked Jason for a comparison of the various...
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