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He is the epitome of bad taste. His horrible wife too.
I have bought and sold more than 70 items in the past and didnt have any problems. I use recorded delivery shipping for this reason only. But indeed, the shipping is not cheap for US buyers. Items would start from $15 and reach $25. So it comes down to the items you want, if you could find them somewhere else for cheaper, etc. Well, I am posting whatever is for sale and its up to anyone to decide...
Well i am not able to change that...but what is the problem with the location of shipping?
Just a bump
Yes items will be shipped from Greece. Shipping depends on the items, etc. Someone also asked for more pics on the belt.
Open to offers!
He has contacted everyone we both know saying that I stole his job and that I have no ethic. That is why I need to know what to say. I mean, come on...
I did nothing more than what I described. How do I defend my self?
Zara custom made trousers (48) Waist: 78 cm Total length: 106 cm Bottom leg opening: 19 cm Gucci Trousers (50) Waist: 86 cm Total length: 117 cm Bottom leg opening: 28 cm Costume National blazer (50) Armpit to armpit: 51 cm Shoulder to shoulder: 45 cm Total length: 79 cm Shoulder to sleeve: 67 cm Just Cavali logo shirt (48) Armpit to armpit: 54 cm Shoulder to shoulder: 46 cm Total length: 74 cm Shoulder to sleeve: 63 cm Gianni Versace...
I will soon... Thanks!
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