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Hello! I need your help... There is possibility I will be interviewing him, so I would like to know what would you ask him? Is anyone an admirer of his work? Any feedback is appreciated! Thank you in advance.
Hello! http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZ123eleftheriossQQhtZ-1 Let me know if anyone is interested in BIN offers... Thank you...
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A new Helmut Lang polo, grey, super soft wool, size 48 (IT) A new Helmut Lang cardigan, black, super soft wool, size 48 (IT) Dior, rare Follow Me zippered trousers, size 48 SOLD Super cool Dior belt, new, size 80, $190
Open to offers!
Waist: 80 cm Total length: 108 cm Bottom leg opening: 20 cm There... let me know if you need anything else.
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The accessories are disgusting (the ring, the bracelets, yikes), the shoes awful. BLEH
He is the epitome of bad taste. His horrible wife too.
I have bought and sold more than 70 items in the past and didnt have any problems. I use recorded delivery shipping for this reason only. But indeed, the shipping is not cheap for US buyers. Items would start from $15 and reach $25. So it comes down to the items you want, if you could find them somewhere else for cheaper, etc. Well, I am posting whatever is for sale and its up to anyone to decide...
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