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I like it a lot as well. I just have a question about the shoulders. The blazer seems a little bumpy on the neck area, or is it because of his hands / body movement?
Great thread, I am looking for a nice brown briefcase!
Since we are on the topic of advice, Andrea Perrone, former CEO of Brioni, also has some nice things to say about Italian style. Q: How do you define style? Style is something you’ve got inside. You can appear elegant and stylish even with a pair of jeans and a T-shirt, because everything comes from your education and how you behave. Q: Do you have any rules when it comes to the way you dress? If yes, what are they? A morning suit should never be black! Color is...
Same goes for me. When I started having trousers shortened and tightened as I like them, I realized how much more comfortable and versatile they are when compared to jeans. Not that I will abolish jeans entirely, but I do think it's better to own more trousers than jeans.
This is probably a glitch, as they transition from the old to the new site. I really don't like the new design, and can't understand why they had to change it.
Jeans are definitely abused and overused, so I guess Luciano's stance has some logic - you have to be a little shocked so that you will reconsider the role denim plays in your wardrobe.
Are there any style combinations that you object to? Yes, wearing jeans for any occasion. Rest of the interview is here. I am not sure whether I agree or not. I do hate blazers with jeans, but a dark denim always looks good with anything. And to quote Put This On: Luciano Barbera said he objected to men wearing jeans for any occasion. That’s a stronger position than I would take, but I do think men (Americans especially) rely far too much on jeans. Don’t be afraid to...
The garden at Bulgari is fantastic, especially at night. It is a great place for people watching - so many good looking women. As with all posh hotels worldwide, there are Russians and escorts.
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