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Because this sucks!
Thanks for the information guys! I guess it is a worthy investment then.
I have this Prada nylon overcoat that I wear with a thick cashmere cardigan, and I manage fine when the weather is cold. Not that rain resistant though. But I have been thinking if I should sell them on eBay and get a Storm System nylon overcoat. Compared to the Prada one, it is much more clean when it comes to looks.
I am not able to afford a cashmere Storm System, so I am mostly interested in the synthetic ones. Thanks for the info! Just curious to know if you have to wear a lot of layers beneath.
Are you wearing a cardigan or something inside?
I have been thinking about it. Does it really work better than other nylon / tech outerwear?
I am also tired of Lapo and his batman lapels.
I like it a lot as well. I just have a question about the shoulders. The blazer seems a little bumpy on the neck area, or is it because of his hands / body movement?
Great thread, I am looking for a nice brown briefcase!
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