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Personally I have a lot of respect for his style and choices. Which new designers do you follow and why? I can’t really say that I follow or admire someone… except for Ralph Lauren!
I thought it would be nice to have a thread with photos of people wearing nice (and warm!) jackets, parkas, anything that could work as an inspiration for winter clothing!
I will have my tailor put it between the outerwear fabric and the actual lining of the coat.
I have been thinking about it, as it is not warm enough. I either have to wear a wool cardigan underneath or try thinsulate lining. Any thoughts? Thank you!
Hi! I am selling lots of different things, including a Brunello Cucinelli tie and a Cesare Attolini dress shirt. Please visit here.
Nick Scott on style Some quotes: Q: Are there any style combinations that you object to? Call me anti-zeitgeist, but the whole suits-and-loafers thing makes me wretch. I also find self-conscious spezzatura such as willfully unconventional shirt-and-tie combos to be in total contravention of the phrase. Q: One garment/accessory that you can never have enough of? Ties — because the number out there and types out there seem to be infinite — and sunglasses, seeing as I...
Hi all, I am selling around 20 items, including a very nice Brunello Cucinelli pair of light gray wool trousers - a staple if you ask me! Please visit here. Thanks!
Thanks for the feedback! So it is just a matter of taste and not a matter of the form not being right? Appreciate your input.
Hi all! What do you think about this blazer? Is the shoulder somewhat odd looking?
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