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I'd like your thoughts first please, before I say what is bothering me. Thanks!
Very good article. I wish I could afford bespoke, I would not have my clothes any other way.
The new yoox is hard to navigate to
Lost of items, from Jil Sander and Brunello ties, to Ballantyne sweaters. Please check my signature. Thanks!
Yoox randomly, or not so randomly (it seems to somewhat depend on the client's purchase history) selects some people and they get a 'preferential' treatment for a limited amount of time. Previews, special discounts, and so on.
This is code is for those who are VIP only or Superstar as Yoox calls them.
I also believe that jeans are not comfortable. Too stiff, and indeed not a fabric that is 'flexible' when it comes to weather conditions.
Because this sucks!
Thanks for the information guys! I guess it is a worthy investment then.
I have this Prada nylon overcoat that I wear with a thick cashmere cardigan, and I manage fine when the weather is cold. Not that rain resistant though. But I have been thinking if I should sell them on eBay and get a Storm System nylon overcoat. Compared to the Prada one, it is much more clean when it comes to looks.
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