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I have been thinking about it. Does it really work better than other nylon / tech outerwear?
I am also tired of Lapo and his batman lapels.
I like it a lot as well. I just have a question about the shoulders. The blazer seems a little bumpy on the neck area, or is it because of his hands / body movement?
Great thread, I am looking for a nice brown briefcase!
Since we are on the topic of advice, Andrea Perrone, former CEO of Brioni, also has some nice things to say about Italian style. Q: How do you define style? Style is something you’ve got inside. You can appear elegant and stylish even with a pair of jeans and a T-shirt, because everything comes from your education and how you behave. Q: Do you have any rules when it comes to the way you dress? If yes, what are they? A morning suit should never be black! Color is...
Same goes for me. When I started having trousers shortened and tightened as I like them, I realized how much more comfortable and versatile they are when compared to jeans. Not that I will abolish jeans entirely, but I do think it's better to own more trousers than jeans.
This is probably a glitch, as they transition from the old to the new site. I really don't like the new design, and can't understand why they had to change it.
Jeans are definitely abused and overused, so I guess Luciano's stance has some logic - you have to be a little shocked so that you will reconsider the role denim plays in your wardrobe.
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