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Ah I see. Thanks for the feedback. I love talking about the quality of all these small Italian brands. Roberto Collina is one of the brands I like a lot!
And any comments on Siviglia and Paolo Pecora (both in quality and fit)?
Does Tombolini fit true to size?
I was about to write this. LBM is also a brand I like a lot, but never manage to buy anything when discounts start. I didn't know Tombolini wasof higher quality, nice!
Thank you so much for the information! I checked your website, nice Ballantyne trousers! I'm aware of Messagerie but I thought it was more of a street style brand than suits and blazers type of company. Too much polyester / syntheticin its fabrics so I'm not that interested. I really like Tagliatore and Tombolini, never tried Bagnoli and Sartoria Latorre, thanks!
Thank you as well! Are there any other 'unknown' brands you'd recommend for suits and blazers there?
Thanks for the information! It looks appealing but I thought the quality is probably not very good.
Thanks! Anyone has experience with their suits and blazers?
What do you guys think of Brian Dales?
Which brands?
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