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Yeah, it looks like it...
Just checked the US site and there are some really, really good bargains to be had. That's not the case with the EU one.
Anyone has an experience with Mabrun parkas? Are they warm? Light? Interested in something like this. http://www.hirmer.de/jacken/daunenjacken/Daunenmantel-mit-abnehmbarer-Kapuze.html?farbe=marine Thank you!
I am very interested in this one: http://www.eckerle.de/marken/mabrun/mabrun-freizeitjacke-diano-grau.html?farbe=grau or this http://www.eckerle.de/marken/mabrun/mabrun-daunenjacke-dias-blau.html?seite=2&hs=%23!seite%3D2&farbe=blau Are they warm? Do they justify their original retail price? Any feedback would be appreciated! Thank you!
Hi all! I've added a few items including Cruciani and Malo cashmere sweaters, Paul Smith shoes, Valentino silk blazer, a Prada pure camel hair coat and lots more. Thanks!
"The three essential things a man should know about style are... Fit, fit and fit. It’s 2014 and we’re still preaching the gospel of fit and proportions. There are no other essentials: just get the ‘fit’ down and stop looking slovenly or like your clothes are painted on!" - Brian Trunzo and his style related interview.
Bump for this great post
I think this more suitable on Streetwear and Denim instead of Classic Menswear? Nick Wooster's personal style interview. What are the rules in the way you dress? It’s all trial and error. Mostly error.
Hi all, I have some new items on sale, including Malo cashmere sweaters, Hackett shirts, and will add more. Thanks!
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