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Hi all, I've started selling again after some time. At the moment I have listed some sweaters (Prada, Malo, Costume National, and a very nice Fendi cardigan) and an Etro messenger bag.
Yes, a few journalists get an annual discount code.
Are you sure it's 35%? Selected press in the US get 30%.
Would you like to share some of the stores you've been buying from?I still find some good deals on Yoox, but mostly on brands that are not well known.
I agree with you.Even though Yoox doesn't have the bargains it once had and items get sold pretty quickly, there are still a few good items at very good prices - especially if we are talking about not so well-known brands.
There isn't a post on his instagram account that I haven't liked. He certainly dresses in a way that I would love to dress (and I try to).
I really really like this guy's style.
Interview with Lorenzo Cifonelli: We will never see you wearing... Surprisingly, I am not overly fond of business suits. Not that I don’t like them, but it isn't really my style, especially since I run around the workshop all day long...
Why don't they skip using the model in situations like this?
What were they thinking?
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