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The ease of returns at Yoox and their prices make it the best option for me. I've spent a lot of money on them and it's my first choice when I'm looking for something. And you are right about the inventory.
Thank you sir! I might try one of their suits.
Oh wow, that's very interesting. Thank you!
All right, thanks! There's a nice blazer I'm interested in.
Thanks! Does it fit true to size?
Also, any feedback on Mario Matteo?
No worries, looking forward to your comments!
Yes please! Also, how does it fit?
Thank you for the feedback, sir! There are indeed so many brands that could be great or terrible and you just can't know. Paolo Pecora has nice sweater, never tried the other brands mentioned but I'll check them out. And you are right, there have been some great bargains on Yoox recently. Do post a pic of that MJ sweater when you receive it!
Thanks! Now all I need is to manage to find a suit at a decent price!
New Posts  All Forums: