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Is Grailed convenient for European sellers? I'm not based in the US. Does anyone here use it?
I forgot to add that I bought a pair of Angelo Nardelli boots and although they look nice, they are really uncomfortable to wear after a few hours...
I listed a few items recently and realized that far less people view the auctions / items any more, I don't receive questions and in general it seems that eBay is not as popular as it used to be. I checked completed listings on some brands and realised a lot of them go unsold. Where do people sell their used stuff nowadays? Depop? I'm not really a big fan of mobile apps. Any ideas / suggestions? Thank you!
Either wool, nylon or cashmere. Preferably somewhere in Europe? Thank you!
I have added quite a few things including a Gucci prince of wales pair of trousers, Prada and YSL sneakers and more.
I found the brand 8 to have really uncomfortable shoes, do not recommend. MM by Mario Matteo is decent, nothing great.
I prefer the older version of Yoox too. Sigh...
Selling two very nice pairs of eyeglasses (Porsche Design and Prada). Going to list some Ferragamo cufflinks and some Prada outerwear. Check my signature!
Thanks and a bump to a nice thread!
Thanks for this!
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