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I prefer the older version of Yoox too. Sigh...
Selling two very nice pairs of eyeglasses (Porsche Design and Prada). Going to list some Ferragamo cufflinks and some Prada outerwear. Check my signature!
Thanks and a bump to a nice thread!
Thanks for this!
Hi all, I've started selling again after some time. At the moment I have listed some sweaters (Prada, Malo, Costume National, and a very nice Fendi cardigan) and an Etro messenger bag.
Yes, a few journalists get an annual discount code.
Are you sure it's 35%? Selected press in the US get 30%.
Would you like to share some of the stores you've been buying from?I still find some good deals on Yoox, but mostly on brands that are not well known.
I agree with you.Even though Yoox doesn't have the bargains it once had and items get sold pretty quickly, there are still a few good items at very good prices - especially if we are talking about not so well-known brands.
There isn't a post on his instagram account that I haven't liked. He certainly dresses in a way that I would love to dress (and I try to).
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