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I'm comfortably situation between a US 11D and 11.5D...have the opportunity to pick up some 10.5F in the yearling. Any thoughts on whether the width will be too snug for me? I don't have a wide foot but its not narrow. Thank you in advance.
I appreciate my father's opinion but always appreciate another POV. I guess it is not so much a common sense as a jumping from one career that is completely different than another and I was hoping to talk to someone who has made that jump from one career to financial advisor. For the first 2-3 years it would be like just being a financial adviser without the extra help.
Come on someone has to have some opinions on Financial Advisers?
My father is a CPA turned CFP (actually RIA). He has made a very decent living with his current client base. He wants to grow his client base over the 4 years then phase them over to me with him providing support in a semi-retirement role. I am currently unhappy with my position and would like to take a more entrepreneurial role away from corporate America. I have an interest in personal finance and finance in general but no real experience. I have spent the last 3 years...
UN-released footage from season 4 to be added to the prequel for 5.
I have a short sleeve hemp henley from W+H NWT that I would be interested in trading. Size large. It is in my for sale sig.
Wife bought me for these for an early Christmas present. The horizontal stripes just don't work for me. Nice piece otherwise. PTP 21 shoulders 17.5 Length 27 Size Large
Are you in the City or the County?
These have become to small for me. 17.5" waiste 7.5"; Leg opening; true 32" inseam; 11" rise
I just have too many lightweight jackets and this one has been sitting for some time. Tags still on never been worn. The pit to pit is right at 21 inches. The shoulders were difficult to measure because there are no shoulder seems so I measured from about 3 inches above the pits from the back of the jacket which comes to 17 inches. The arm length is about 25.5 inches Waist is elastic and stretches when you put it on. It is 15 inches. Full disclosure: I bought this at a...
New Posts  All Forums: