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I suggest you read up on the proper ettiquete for taking off tailored clothing and other delicate accessories before a fist fight.
Depends if the cat is privately owned or property of a cat house.
Quote: Originally Posted by Milhouse I've never been approached for a scam, nor has anyone ever tried to pick my pockets. I often wonder what separates me from the targets. The potenial perpetrator's second guess that you're not worth his effort?
Standard 3 years for a BA in maths at oxford.
Quote: Originally Posted by oman i would like to nominate myself because nobody else can probably drink as much How many hours can you go without a sip?
Quote: I had sized him up before, like any good SFer and noticed that his shirt had a nova check collar and his sweater had the little RL pony on it. I replied "yes", thinking he may have wanted directions to the Prada store or something. What passes or fails you as a good SFer won't be the ability to notice the 'nova check ..' , but how you assess such a man. Begin.
Quote: Originally Posted by Crane's Girl: "You aren't a very good kisser." Guy: "I'm sorry you feel that way but to tell you the truth you aren't all that great yourself. Tell you what sweetie, I got something you can kiss and if you're good enough maybe I'll change my mind about how you kiss." There's always a comeback for everything and sometimes it can end up being a real good time. Yeah very good advice. And being a quick wit can...
Quote: Originally Posted by Huntsman Heh, like 1, 2, 4 a lot. My wallet cash is usually < $20 though, but I keep $136 in my bag for whatever comes up --1 hundred, a twenty, a ten, a five, and a single. For a while I just kept a century, but that's stupid. ~ H I keep 2 units of 136.
Many out there are selfless.
You will gain favour in the community by offering to help others buy things that are only for sale in Italy.
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