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Interesting.....thanks for doing and posting this
that would be quite the find!!BTW.........package coming your way this week.
you may want to post a full shot of the jacket itself - hard to tell the overall style/cut of the item
any sz 32 coming up?
Mike.........I placed an order during the Proper Kit show - what;'s the update on that?
spoo........which colorway do you have for the 350's?
^^^ I've never heard Carmina and AE mentioned in the same breath, specifically when comparing lasts. If AE could actually produce an elegant last it would be a game changer for them. That said, if you find the AE fit similar to Simpson then go for it.
nice suit........you may want to post full measurements for serious buyers.
agreed - Mobb Deep are one of the better live performers I've seen. And they rock for almost 2 hours!Many artists don't practice/perfect this aspect of their craft, and it's a shame how many artists run out of breath, forget words, or have the audience finish their lyrics for them (or have like 3 hype-men doing this) during shows.
thanks, great place for deadstock goods but the prices aren't appealing.
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