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+1...........place is nice and the female staff even nicer
i also have sz 32 in charcoal!
I'm optimistic, only because I remember how insane the city was when we won the back 2 back titles during my high school days. Would LOVE to experience another title - Lord know the Leafs will never win one in my lifetime.BTW. I'm coming to Toronto November 7th - am willing to proxy for a small fee, depending on size and price of the item.
dat Valstar pebble grain tho.........
Y'all worrying about outlet sales while the Jays are finally playing their asses off???
would these fit a sz 7 UK in Carmina Simpson last?
Where are you located?
In like Flynn..........
I'm clearing out some shirts - some are gently worn and some are NWT. Prices include shipping in the CONUS - please PM me for elsewhere. Discounts for multiple shirts. All shirts are clean and absolutely MINT - no signs of wear, no odors, and no issues 1. Sz 15/33 BB slim fit non-iron thin stripe button down collar. Still sells on the website! $25 shipped.[/B] SOLD 2. Sz 15.5/33 BB white extra slim non-iron button down collar. Still sells on the website! $35...
whats the leg opening on the sz 30?
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