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I have that exact same shoe from Skoak and they have broken in just fine........give it a few wears and you'll be set. enjoy!
the Boss I have are 8" at the hem..........Not sure you want skinny dress trousers, but like mentioned above, 7" at the hem on a sz 32 is quite slim.
what size are you? I have a pair of Boss I'm currently selling.......might have a few others also.
this is incorrect.They are still offering Custom and Slim fits. The differences between them can be found on the website.In general, Slim fit is cut trimmer than Custom Fit - you may need to size up.OP, I hope this helps.
The literal meaning is just that, but in the context of his username and avatar it means 'balling'........but following the pronunciation of perhaps Rick Ross or other rappers - hence the gold President avatar.
but aren't you "bawlin"??next you'll say that the rollie in your avatar isn't your either
That your car? Looks great!
agreed!Remember Racing Hart C5 for Imports and Racing Dynamic split-spokes for Euros?I REALLY wish the industry would move on from the CSL-type mesh look.........so many fakes and imitations that I don't even like the originals anymore Hence why I sold my set and have OEM M3 18s on my E90 330i
Many pairs of socks for sale!! Prices include shipping in CONUS, please PM for elsewhere. Pics 1-3: Each pair is $14, $13 for 2 or more pairs. Shown are black w/ green dots, black chalk strip (2 pairs), and grey w/ chalk stripe (2 pairs). Pics 4-6: Each pair is $14, $13 for 2 or more pairs. Shown are mid grey w/ mini dots, taupe/light grey w/ mini dots, and grey w/ small white sparse pattern (these look solid grey from a distance). Pics 7-9: Mid calf dress socks. Each...
I am clearing out a bunch of socks.......all are BNWT. Prices include shipping in CONUS....please PM for elsewhere. Pics 1-2: Paul Smith mid calf striped socks. Lemon yellow and light grey/pink/multi. $16 each or $30 for both. Pics 3-5: PANTHERELLA OTC socks - tagged sz regular. Light grey, bottle green, and mid grey. Please see close up pics for details and colors. $16 each or $15 for 2 or more. Pics 6-8: PANTHERELLA OTC socks - tagged sz regular. Dark grey w/ blue...
New Posts  All Forums: