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well I wasn't saying this was the new AMG offering....I guess I should have been more clear. But the C450 is gonna (presumably) top out over $60K and the performance should match the price to a degree. I know they are not direct competitors, but you can get a used S3 for about $40k and it performs better stock-to-stock. I read 4.6 0-60 times when I first read about it a few months ago.....I guess the difference isn't as much as I thought. But $500 ECU tune makes the S3 a...
Surprised at the numbers for the incoming C450 AMG........Audi S3 is almost a second faster in 0-60 WTF Mercedes?
Reasonable offers welcome.......
Offers welcome.....
I'm helping another forum member with the sale of this suit however you can PM me directly with any questions. Brand new 38R Anthony cut...........y'all know the drill! Pants have side adjusters and are unhemmed. The suit looks solid charcoal from a distance but has a faint windowpane over-check.......hard to describe exactly but you can see the pics for details. Asking $650 shipped in CONUS......please PM for elsewhere.
Oh word? Those lucky enough to have one in my hood rocked them inside out.......man, the good ol' days!
Dat Starter tho......BK or LA? If you have the matching hat then imma instakop
+1.......are these year round or 3 season? Also, what is the hand & drape like?Any info would be much appreciated......very tempted to purchase
how can I purchase in person? what their address?
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