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does it fit like a true XL or could it be pulled off due to slim fit?
XL is too large - what's the approx. chest P2P?
That's one of the DOPEST things I've seen in a long time - and I'm a hip hop fiend.what size and how much you want?
one of the best in the shoe game, and the best last they offer IMO. Perfect balance between classic vs trendy.Just do it!!
guys...........need some help here. I'm trying to figure out the incremental difference between sizes - can anyone who wears/own a size 40 post measurements of the length and width of the outsole? any help is much appreciated and many thanks in advance!
oh no........that's crazy!
a better comparison would be to pit the BLNR against the ceramic sub (date or ND).
you are correct - many GG/Aldo/EG lasts and shoes are just as hideous and I cannot see their appeal, especially at their respective price points - trust me , I've really tried to like them!of course, all the above is IMO only.
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