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Price on the lizard cap toes?
the hem covers from the back of the shoe to the bow where I tie my laces. However, this also depends on your shoe size - I wear UK7.
the bunching up will be determined by the length, not the last of the shoe.I wear Simpson lasted shoes with my slimmest pants (7.85" hem) and they look great.......just a hair of a break in the length.
Thank for your reply.......I'm trying to understand if the Vass are too big or too small for you.
what size are you in Carmina Simpson last?
Rich people problems.....
I have that exact same shoe from Skoak and they have broken in just fine........give it a few wears and you'll be set. enjoy!
the Boss I have are 8" at the hem..........Not sure you want skinny dress trousers, but like mentioned above, 7" at the hem on a sz 32 is quite slim.
what size are you? I have a pair of Boss I'm currently selling.......might have a few others also.
this is incorrect.They are still offering Custom and Slim fits. The differences between them can be found on the website.In general, Slim fit is cut trimmer than Custom Fit - you may need to size up.OP, I hope this helps.
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