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take $10 off any pair.........
what sets this "limited edition" apart?
where are you located?
Do they have to be Incotex? Pm me for details.....I may have something for you.
TC.........which of yours gives better mileage? The RR or the S-Class?
do you have better pics? hard to see the details/colors on each tie with the current pics.......
cognac sold
So much criticism, yet it come across as bitter/jealous types. Since when is anyone in SF consulted before wardrobe for James Bond is determined?? And the fact that action shots are being used to crticize the fit is ridiculous in its own right. Daniel Craig is built and svelte........the OP is not.
I have 3 pairs of brand new gloves in sz Small. J Crew pairs are brown and cognac SOLD respectively - 100% cashmere lining!! $45 shipped each CONUS Polo pair are dark green - 50/50 cashmere/wool lined with Thinsulate!! $80 shipped CONUS Please PM for shipping elsewhere.........thanks for looking!!
dat Uber tho......
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