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Make a stop for cheese fries with hot peppers in Greektown - so yummy!!You should try RPM Italian as well - good food!
Are those C&J? I have the same pair - love them!
Hi Jeff.....a sales promotion every now and then would also be quite beneficial 🙂
No reserve
For those interested, I just listed 2 brand new pairs in SZ 39........please PM or see my FS listing.
Just as the tile states, 2 pairs of BNIB Achilles Mid in white and black. Please see the pics. Asking $295 shipped each pair. Prices include shipping CONUS, please PM me for elsewhere. Thanks for looking!! Black Pair SZ 39: White Pair SZ 39:
^^^ Not sure about the various "quartz" designations. Also, the Cartier Tank Solo would also be an option for you (all sizes except the XL are quartz).
+ 10000this is almost as annoying as restaurants/bars that have menus with no prices
cardigan and turtleneck sold...........V-neck remaining!
whats the inseam on the golden twill walts? you mention they are unhemmed but they look hemmed in the pics - can you please clarify?
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