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well, what exactly were you expecting?It's almost as if any sale that doesn't have $5K RLPL suits for $250 is considered terrible........the deals had back in 2008/2009 were one and done. People need to accept this.The current sale would save you about $150 on a cashmere sweater.......unless you're the type who walks over $150 if you were to see it laying on the sidewalk?
can anyone refer me to a good SA who would allow me to place an order through them for the corporate sale? any help is appreciated!
Which last are these on?
I get what you are eluding to, but I'd rather click a link that gives my PC a virus......
for your girl??
Pants are about 33" waist, 10" rise, and 8.5" leg opening.Pics added now!!
This is a drop 7 in the Anthony model. Measurements: CH. 21" SH. 18.5" SL. 24.5" BOC. 28.5" I'm having trouble uploading pics for some reason.......please email me at viralsi@yahoo.com and I can reply with pics.
Another classic for sale y'all........RLBL staple rarely seen on SF! This is a recent season model in a charcoal Glen plaid pattern - it looks solid from a distance. You guys know the deal with this......2 button, side vents, flat front pants with side tabs.......unhemmed and ready for a new owner Sorry for the crappy iPad pics, but hopefully you get the idea. Price includes shipping CONUS.......please PM for elsewhere. Cheers!!
Smoking deal on the Epaulet POW...........great seller here folks!
Having trouble adding pics......please bear with me. In the meantime, please email me at viralsi@yahoo.com and I'll reply with pics. Cheers!
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