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I'm referring to the way EG/GG do it...........something hidden under the toe piece. Visible but not topical.I've seen the regular Carmina split toe in a few different colors and lasts.
yes, really...........If you can get over the SF groupthink. This is not about what looks good, what you prefer, etc................this is about creating a standard or middle-ground that all people can align themselves with and consistently interpret so as to avoid what the OP doesn't want. personally, I wish I could wear grey trousers and a blue broadcloth button down everyday.......would make my life so much easier.
not necessarily true.For example, the uniform could consist of the following:TOPS: collared button-down shirt in white, blue, pink, or stripes/checks in any of those colorsBOTTOMS: dress trousers in either navy, grey, black, or khakidone.
why not just have a uniform?
Leaves.........can Carmina do a hidden split-toe seam on the Simpson or Rain lasts?
I have a BNWT pair of these jeans for sale........measurements are as follows: W: 15.5" R: 9.85" I: 33" H: 7.4" Price includes shipping CONUS........please PM me for elsewhere. Thanks for looking!!
Lol......I saw $1700 pants that were 65% off......what a steal! Sad thing is, the cheapest pants in my size were still about $1000 before discount.I've been to hundreds of sales in my life and this was truly some overpriced bullshit......the stock looked like it had been passed through many showrooms and sales. The suits didn't even have surgeons cuffs.....I expect a lot more from supposedly hand made garments straight from Italy.I genuinely left scratching my head. Oh,...
price drop!!
Clearing out 2 shirts I haven't worn in a while. 15X33 and 15.5X33 from the Luxury non-iron line. This means premium fabrics, MOP buttons, and cut-away collars! Fabric is rich and have a nice texture. (1) light blue graph check and (1) French blue. Both have been worn sparingly and have no marks, tears, stains or damage whatsoever!! Asking $45 shipped CONUS each or $85 shipped CONUS for both. Thanks for looking!!
Sarar has been around for years......they are a family owned business and have been the maker behind Boss and a few other labels over the years. They now make stuff under their own label and I'm sure still produce for others. Their fabric selection are quite extensive......I've seen some LP storm system pieces cycle through their stores. Plus, theyre always willing to deal and negotiate.....the price marked is rarely what you'll pay. Hope this helped......cheers!
New Posts  All Forums: