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Fresh from the SF vault! I recently came across 5 pairs of Mabitex pants in sz 32 (48 EU). One pair (British khaki) has been hemmed with a cuff but not worn.....the others are BNWT! All pairs are cotton with triple button closure! The colors are are not as saturated as they may appear - sorry for the iPad pics. Each pair is $55 shipped in the CONUS......please PM for elsewhere. Cheers! 1. British khaki cotton hemmed with a 1.75" cuff. These are a low rise. W: ...
I have a pair of brand new Gavin chinos in sz 31 X 32 in khaki color.......yours for $25 shipped. Let me know!
Would you have bought them if ther we're NOT Tom Ford?Might be a $500 mistake to wear them tomorrow......live and learn, I guess.
looks like C&J to me..........
are these more of a flannel or year-round weight? Also, what is the width of the leg opening at about 32" inseam?
if that's your next watch, I call dibs on your 15400!!!
There is nothing wrong here, just a matter of preference. Personally, I don't understand why people desire the painted-on shirt look........stop trying too hard.
PM sent!
Welcome to the forum. This is an interesting undertaking...... I think your breakdown could use some changes, and you should budget for 1 decent suit, but of course there are other factors at play here. For example, what type of work do you do? This would typically determine the majority of your wardrobe since you'd have to live that 5 days a week.
Which is what?
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