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any interest in Nike tech sweatpants? I have 1 each in grey and black, both sz M. BNWT Retail for $100.......PM me for pricing.
suit supply should do the trick - but so many options and differing opinions on this.
reasonable offers accepted!!
why not broadcloth 120's?
good stuff as always from one of the best sellers on SF
I've got plenty of socks for sale..........please see my listings and let me know if you're interested. I'm coming to Toronto tomorrow and can bring the items with me.
anyone interested in Sutor Mantellasi chocolate brown punched cap oxfords? They look and fit just like Carmina Simpson punched caps. I have a gently used but excellent condition pair that I am getting ready to list for sale. They are tagged a sz 40.5, would fit a sz 6 in Carmina Rain or 6.5 in Carmina Simpson. PM for details!
wow......thanks for the info! I'm realistically going to buy in the new year, but i figured it would be best to ask someone who really know their stuff. I like the fact that the Tank Solo XL is offered in RG instead of YG, however I'll be changing the strap to either black or navy to complete the look.
Dino........i'm in the market for a Tank Solo XL in rose gold. What is the difference between yours and the one I am interested in? Is it the movement, price, design - or all the above? Any info would be much appreciated!
if they don't fit i'll take them off your hands.......
New Posts  All Forums: