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where are you located?
LOLOLOL........I see what you did there Although I can't front on Potbelly's.....they are quite good.
you don't know me, my age, what I know, or anything else about me so shut the fuck up. If you're really from Chicago then meet me at Madison & Pulaski tonight at 8:15pm......NAMOR - I'm the Roger Goodell of StyleForum........I don't know anything!!!!!!!!PS: I win the interwebz
you do realize that Mr. Porter is not in the shipping biz, right? Furthermore, they are an arm of a highly-successful e-commerce firm (pret-a-porter) and offer amazing goods and brands not always found in one place, let alone online.Things happen - but there's a way to go about getting the solution you want. Telling everyone not to shop there and that they will be out of business is not it.Get your refund/credit and get over it.
Interested in a few but need better pics......
If you would do a chestnut brown (have too much chocolate) in Rain last, Dainite, and a carbon copy of the JL upper pictured above then count me in What would be the ballpark price for something like this?
haha......I totally read that wrong!Either way, I'm not sure 7K is reasonable either.
they aren't playing in the league - they are the commissioners! $100K for a suit???
Sounds interesting, but I'm sure pricing is astronomical.
Price on the lizard cap toes?
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