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which model is this?
In my experience, J Crew and Prada drivers hold up the best. They don't have the gimmicky soles that Tod's do. The only Tod's drivers worth buying are the winterized versions with the full soles.
guys.........coming to Toronto from NYC on July 28th . Please let me know if you would like a proxy.....rates are reasonable!
the pics are of a mazda, I'm aware. However, what I'm referring to is Honda.ITR = Intergra Type-RThe ITR in Japan had a much different front-end than the USDM model.
It's actually an OEM Honda front end with HID lights.My boy used to have a white one lowered on Mugen MF10 in bronze...........so sick!
ITR with dat JDM front end tho.......
how much for the polo? any other colors/patterns? I'll be in TO next week............
Gents..........any interest in a brand new pair of these Prada chocolate brown driving loafers? Sz UK 7 (Prada 7). Asking $275 shipped to EU. https://cdna.lystit.com/photos/8f67-2015/04/13/prada-brown-leather-venetian-loafers-product-0-250830649-normal.jpeg
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