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EG is still pretty much my favorite brand, i've had a few issues with workshirt buttons coming off, seems worse on their winter plaids as never had problems with chambray's. I think the sizing is my main issue, especially on their blazer style jackets wide shoulders narrow chest & long arms...very strange & whereas i'm quite happy to sew a button on now & again, I'm not happy paying £400 & passing it onto a professional tailor for alterations. Having followed the brand...
I've been wearing Eg for over 10 years, spent a lot of money over the years & if i think an item is poor i'll voice my opinion. Daiki's a good designer but I don't regard anything he has done as groundbreaking. As for the driver jacket it's got 3 pockets (one at front, 2 rear) that IMO do nothing for the jacket other than add a few $'s onto the retail price.
Comment wasn't aimed at the driver jacket, it was aimed at the whole outfit in particular the boots & shorts, which is ok if your a construction worker in the summer. As regards the driver jacket I havn't handled it no, but I now know what that funny front pocket at the weird angle is for, great for catching puke when you realise you've just paid a fortune for a poor jacket.
Lol! Did someone pay you to dress up like that? I actually think the driver jacket is one of the poorest outerwear peices I've seen from eg. short, boxy, no real reason for 3 of the pockets on it, and very expensive too.
looking at this picture looks like there's some room in the shoulders as there appears a bit of shoulder drop. I'd be very careful with alterations at the cuff just yet. i'd sooner get the shoulders taken in first as this would alter the cuff length a little.
after a pair of blue chambray fatigue shorts size medium, cant find any uk stockists. Anyone point me in the right direction?
Brand new with tags, size Large. Pit-pit 21" Shoulder to shoulder 18" Length 26" Great jacket cost me $410 from the bureau. This is sold out in this size SS13 jacket. Library pictures as camera broke
There's a dark navy broken twill on end clothing.
I think the penn shirt in small might be better for you as it's quite generous around the shoulders and may be too baggy throughout the item for a 37 chest. I've got a medium and I'm a 40 chest. The Bedford I'm not to sure on, looks quite fitted in the chest but generous across the shoulders going by measurements.
pi$$ poor that is, how did you pay for the goods? If it was paypal or by bank card i'd contact them to see best way of getting money back on faulty goods. I'd also send detailed pictures to nepethenes/ eg direct & get a personal answer through them & i'd mention that you have posted details of this on styleforum. Don't give up it's a matter of principle.
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