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I see you wear engineered garments, it's like e.g. doing a collaboration with gap and charging big $$$$'s
yes not in store or online at
anyone know a US proxy who will send onto the UK. There's a few items on the RRL site i can't get in the UK?
EG is still pretty much my favorite brand, i've had a few issues with workshirt buttons coming off, seems worse on their winter plaids as never had problems with chambray's. I think the sizing is my main issue, especially on their blazer style jackets wide shoulders narrow chest & long arms...very strange & whereas i'm quite happy to sew a button on now & again, I'm not happy paying £400 & passing it onto a professional tailor for alterations. Having followed the brand...
I've been wearing Eg for over 10 years, spent a lot of money over the years & if i think an item is poor i'll voice my opinion. Daiki's a good designer but I don't regard anything he has done as groundbreaking. As for the driver jacket it's got 3 pockets (one at front, 2 rear) that IMO do nothing for the jacket other than add a few $'s onto the retail price.
Comment wasn't aimed at the driver jacket, it was aimed at the whole outfit in particular the boots & shorts, which is ok if your a construction worker in the summer. As regards the driver jacket I havn't handled it no, but I now know what that funny front pocket at the weird angle is for, great for catching puke when you realise you've just paid a fortune for a poor jacket.
Lol! Did someone pay you to dress up like that? I actually think the driver jacket is one of the poorest outerwear peices I've seen from eg. short, boxy, no real reason for 3 of the pockets on it, and very expensive too.
looking at this picture looks like there's some room in the shoulders as there appears a bit of shoulder drop. I'd be very careful with alterations at the cuff just yet. i'd sooner get the shoulders taken in first as this would alter the cuff length a little.
after a pair of blue chambray fatigue shorts size medium, cant find any uk stockists. Anyone point me in the right direction?
Brand new with tags, size Large. Pit-pit 21" Shoulder to shoulder 18" Length 26" Great jacket cost me $410 from the bureau. This is sold out in this size SS13 jacket. Library pictures as camera broke
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