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Even if they do, it'll have the shitty opaque sole and overall will be a lot shoddier than the versions before ~2011You're better off hunting for a pair of the OGs or the light grey ones from 2010, I see them pop up often on grailed and ebay.
Haven't posted in months, image size might be catastrophic click for bigger version Beanie made by my grand-ma zam barrett scarf cloak flight jacket (little tight, if anyone ever has an XL for sale hit me up) random t shirt zam barrett belt lambskin gloves zam barrett dna 7 year old common projects
The old semitransparent sole ­> the new opaque sole. This is as close as they've been to the OGs in a while though.
Look who's talking about bans.
Got my forest print field coat today, it's pretty awesome. I'm surprised it's still available in all sizes. Is it because everyone's sick of floral stuff already? It's the only "floral" jacket that's ever appealed to me, other than the miharayasuhiro one. On a side note: To anyone who has had their stuff shipped to Canada, did you have to pay customs/duties with fedex? It was the only option available and they have this nasty habit of sending you an invoice like a month...
Big Pun, the next logical step would be to see if soaking it again in water does anything.
I need to get a pair off mmm boots vibram'd, anyone know a good cobbler that they trust in Montreal? I searched around on the forum but I haven't found much. Maybe brad-t or fuuma could chime in, please?
Add a Nazi armband to complete the look.
^ Yes, leave it damaged. Cop jawnz with that $300.
lol that's exactly what I was going for, so I'll take it as a compliment .Melonadejello's was really good and while our clothes are similar in colour, there's a difference in the overall ­''feel'' of the outfit. I'd really like to hear your opinion on why you think his fit ''kills this'' though, as I've been comparing the two since you mentioned it and I think it's an interesting topic. I can recognize the things that are likely to be perceived negatively from the general...
New Posts  All Forums: