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I've had the Metropolitan from Trager since the late 90s.  Even after years of rugged use it still looks pretty good.  The only problem I ever had was that the plastic buckle broke once, but Trager replaced it for free when I contacted them. I also considered Waterfield who make some really nice messenger bags that are very durable.  Their buckles are even made of metal, so they won't break.  The main reason I didn't get one of them is because their models are...
Here are some photos of the shoes I picked up today.  Sorry, the pics aren't very good quality. As I mentioned previously, the first two pairs rang up at only $99.  There was a sticker on the loafers with a retail price of $595, but I don't know the prices of the other pairs.
I showed up at the store around 12:30 and had to wait in line for approximately twenty minutes before I was let in.  I ended up buying three pairs all in black: a captoe balmoral, a kid leather loafer, and a deerskin suede monkstrap.  The guy at the door quoted me $295 per pair, but at the register they looked up the model numbers on a sheet and only charged $99 for the first two. All things considered, an excellent haul.
I've been looking at the bags from Floto.  The Venezia and Milano models both look pretty nice.  I'm still hesitating because it's hard to judge the leather quality and construction from a few pictures on a website.
The Tank Francaise on the bottom also has a date, which the Solo lacks.  I'm pretty sure that the Francaise is also made in stainless steel, for about $4K or thereabouts. The Cartier that I would really like to own is the Crash. Supposedly it was made in tribute to an employee who died in a fiery car crash which burned so hot, it deformed his watch.
Girard Perregaux has a line of tank-style watches called Vintage 1945.  MSRP's are over $5K, but you may be able to find one discounted to under $3500. Also, several of Zenith's Port Royal models are rectangular, and they should be within your price range.
For your shoes, how about a pair of Venetian mocs in tan like these from Ralph Lauren Polo?
A few days ago at Bed, Bath & Beyond, I picked up a tin of Kiwi Select Premium.  The tin is black and silver, and according to the copy on the back, it "contains a fine blend of premium waxes."  It was $2.99, a little more than the regular Kiwi polish goes for at the drugstore.  I suspect that really isn't much difference between the two, perhaps just a slightly different formulation, but does anyone know for sure?
Quote: Unlike neckties, I don't see discount bargains in silken pocket squares often. They're not as easy to find on sale as ties, but discounts can be found.  Since I started wearing squares this year, I've picked up about a dozen for an average price of $12 or so.  Among my purchases was a Turnbull & Asser from eBay, a couple of colored linens from the online Ben Silver outlet, and my best acquisition, three silk RLPL's from Syms at $10 each.
That was fast. The shirt has been claimed.
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