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even though I know that it's this kind of thing that is killing America, it's hard to resist more meat
personally, I like denim from True Religion
definitely the pea coat
I can't say I've ever seen anyone wearing that in SoCal
What isn't made in China?
I changed my mind, from my previous comment. I wore some unhemmed pants today and realzied how annoying they are, because they always get in the way and make me feel like I am going to trip so now I saw hem them.
I mean how hairy? Are we talking ape here? Also if the hair makes you feel self-conscious then shave, if not don't worry about it. It probably is not to big a deal to others
I just focus on what I can do after I finish the bad task and it inspries me to get through it quicker
such an interesting thread I randomly found. I know it was to weeks ago, but I have to know. What did happen on the date? I feel like I am at a cliff hanger haha
I ama bit confused how is the picture a hoodie without a hood? Is it the collar or something?
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