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-Worn for 3 weeks, great pair of jeans but honestly im in need of $. -Excellent color of Grey Denim,most other grey denim is very light and don't have denim grain like this one, looks like cloth like the levis 511 grey trousers. -Still a little stiff and needs to be completely broken into. -Only the Waist band was dipped and pulled out of water once. -Honeycombs whiskers and stacks are starting to form, no fading yet. -The waist is tagged 30 has been stretched to a...
btw its 31x33
Imperial Dukes worn for 1 week, basically brand new. MOSTLY LOOKING FOR A TRADE for waist :30 IMPERIAL DUKES(dont offer me anything else except size 30 indigo dukes or BIN IS $250 shipped paypaled.
No thankyou , BUMPBUMP
I REALLY WANT THESE I CAN PAY ASAP MONEY READY =]. PLEASE, no washes, must send pictures!
dont rely on the brand just get whatever y like
haha i just liek to dress in whatever when idc
o damm thanks for letting me know!
i wish the fit was better for me
thanks for letting me know ill def try it on
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