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I want to get some Average Joes in Dry Black Selvage off denimbaronline. I need some help with sizing so I get it right this time and they aren't tight as fuck forever. I usually like wearing jeans right on my hips. I measure about a 32 right on my hips, 31.5 a inch below my belly button and a 30 right at my belly button. What size should I go for? A 30? I want them to fit well, but not 'tight' or baggy in any respect. Also what is the difference between the Average Joe...
I can't wait to get one of these. I love the charcoal and it would be nice to have pockets. As far as buttons go I'm quite ambivalent as long as they match. Preferably something grey/silver/black.
How is the mcclain for a casual shoe... jeans and casual pants?
Still holding out on a medium Bedford and I'm loving the look on that Field Jacket. Are those going to be available as well?
I'm about to buy some white canvas G1 Spring Courts. I need help on sizing. I'm a 12 in leather Jack Purcells and Vans Originals. What should I got I go with in UK? Oipolloi has them up to UK 11.
What brands do they carry? Are they a big store that would have lots of sizes or do they just get like 2 smalls for something period?
What's the opinion of Lacoste boat shoes like these I know they're a bit branded but I think they're cool.
Are there any uniquely colored or designed boat shoes out there? Maybe a break from the norm would work without going down a certain path.
To start, I have semi-long hair, just about down to my chin. I wash it every day with just shampoo and condition 1-2 times a week. I currently rotate my shampoos between Baxters, Anthony Logistics and Paul Mitchell Volumizing. Despite all this washing though, my still is very oily and flat by the end of the day, or after just a few hours. It looks best 2 hours after I wash it, but I can't seem to get it that way. Can someone suggest me a new shampoo or something to get...
Quote: Originally Posted by hamm23 good question OP, Im in a summer shoe slump and Im not sure what to get also. I do have some Sperry's though and I highly recommend them. Boat shoes? I'm hesitant since it's the big thing around here with asshole college frat guys.
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