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The Camano mill is a high-quality cast iron burr grinder that will last forever and not break, fwiw. It takes about 30 seconds to grind the beans for a press and costs $60. The pricy electronic machines just sound like a headache to me.
Wow, this is still going. Thought it would have been DT'd by now... I definitely tip, at least $2, like someone said.
Hey y'all! It's been a minute. Went out in the snowstorm for some smokes, decided to dress SFey for a change. Eh? Nike Scotland Inhabit "No Name" Isotoner Momotaro Sorel
Quote: Originally Posted by CouttsClient You have to be kidding... YES yeah I know, but like $3 for gas? If I order for 4 people am I gonna tip $10?
Considering Asian culture and all. In store, I don't, if it's takeout. But tipping a driver is customary, yeah?
I've got this beast: It's stylish, cheap, and bombproof. I've ground nuts and seeds in it and it's really strong. A bit of work, but highly recommended.
Drops, bomber is now pending. These are some cool pieces I wouldn't sell if they fit me, someone make an offer!
some bigger drops. This stuff has to go.
Drops! Need to sell something today!
Added some jackets!
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