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Hi, Interested in 40R/15 3/4, barrel cuff. Regards, Wayne.
Some very nice coats/jackets. I bought a casmere storm system about 5 years ago, still one of my favourite articles of clothing. Does anyone know who manufactures their clothing?
PM sent on this shirt.
Henry Bucks sale is usually a waste of time, unless you need something desperately.I've found the same with Katrina's. Van and his team do wonders with suits, sportcoats. Shirt sleeves are hit and miss. The first batch he did were pretty good, I then took a bulk lot of 10 to be shortened, 5 were good, 2 passable, 3 were done horribly short. The last two, a Kiton and Mattabisch I made sure he left them longer. I think from now on I will just get 2 shortened at a time, that...
Thanks for the heads up Cantarelli. It sounds like it will be worth the effort for at least my top end clothing.Anyone else able to comment on dry cleaners in Melbourne.
Hi. all. Wanted to find other's experience of dry cleaners in Melbourne. Currently using Brown-Gouge mainly for convenience. Called into Bancroft's in Sth. Yarra today and spoke to Dave. Say's they use very little chemical and and a lot of personal care. The hassle is it's about a 45 min. trek for me. I would probably just take my top end suits, sportcoats, because of the time factor. Does anyone have experience with them and is it worth the extra time, cost etc. Also any...
Received my Kiton tie. Excellent and smooth transaction with hmmurdock.
Received my Lizard belt. Excellent. Nice friendly service from MiamiRedSkin.
As above..... Kiton shirts but in 15 3/4 thanks.
Apart from a few nice suede jackets, cashmere sweaters and a couple of overcoats, the rest of the collection looks horrid. The pants in the first 10 pics are way too short and cuffs! Terrible. Then they become too baggy in later pics. Way too fashion forward and not enough style.
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