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My wife dated a good friend of mine a few times. It didn't work out for them, a couple months later she and I started seeing each other.
I use a set of Philips drivers that I soldered onto the iPhone headset's wiring. They sound much better than the Apple earbuds, and took all of 10 minutes to assemble. If you're not totally ham-fisted the result is very clean. A how-to for anyone with initiative and basic soldering skills.
My wife brought me coffee at work because she knew I was dead on my feet from working late last night. Not shit coffee like the stuff I was swilling from work, either.
Discarded Science: Ideas That Seemed Good at the Time I just finished The Gone Away World by Nick Harkaway. I really enjoyed this one.
Quote: Originally Posted by MetroStyles Weather Channel - Much better than native weather app. MyWi - Requires jailbreak. Use your phone for tethering (provide wireless to your laptop through your phone). Backgrounder - Jailbreak only. Without this your phone is useless. Allows multitasking of an unlimited number of apps. SbSettings - Allows for quick one-swipe access from any screen to a dashboard that controls brightness, rotation toggle,...
I went into my local Levi's store last night looking for the selvage 514, no dice. I did end up leaving with some "rigid" 514s (made in Mexico) which fit well. My first pair of Levi's in years and I'm very happy with the cut.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. White Only last year did the car come out with a modern shiftable automatic transmission, and mated its bigger engine to it. That bigger engine used to be available only on the manual. Incorrect. The engine is the same size and displacement. The automatic transmission on the older models was not reliable enough to support the full engine output. The engine was de-tuned to compensate. Why you'd buy an automatic...
I currently have a 2-year old Dell Inspiron 1505 at home and a Latitude D620 work-supplied notebook of roughly the same generation. I anxiously await the demise of the work machine, which will only be upgraded when my current one is inoperative.
White with either the black or red interior.
I spend a lot of my time at an Ops console, I have 10 monitors that face a large window. When I'm not on the raised floor I face the doorway.
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