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Quote: Originally Posted by Tokyo Slim I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that the blend of over the top cartoonish violence, gratuitous nudity, and cheesy dialogue combines to make this one of the most fun movies I've seen in a long time. Then again, I'm a big Danny Trejo fan. This was my experience today. I thought the movie was very entertaining, it's nice to see some exploitation cinema every now and then. Mexploitation?
Got this in black recently. Pretty convenient, and a lot smaller than the container my headphones came in.
Boots are backordered until 10/14.
Quote: Originally Posted by AntiHero84 Same here. Those look damn good for $150. They certainly look better than the LL Bean's Katahdin. I wonder how the leather ages... I'm going to buy these. Backordered until 10/14, but I'll take pics when they show up. It was between these and the Katahdin; Land's End won out.
You should be able to heat up a needle and make a sealed hole in the nylon that will hold up pretty well.
I have played a couple rounds and have enjoyed it. I think I could get into it with a little more experience. I'll join the SF group if one does materialize. My Steam handle is "CptVague."
My washer broke yesterday. I have to rip the bastard apart this avro.
I know it's been mentioned, but "amazing" gets on my nerves. Also, "epic" and any verb followed by "much?" as a sentence. Fuck you.
Quote: Originally Posted by merkur Can anyone tell me how the Apollo 11 astronauts managed to keep the space shuttle flying in space and take off from the moon if there is no atmosphere on the moon and presumably no oxygen in space or on the moon for rocket fuel combustion? The Apollo 11 astronauts didn't have to worry about flying the space shuttle at all; it was not in development when their moon landing took place. As has been said,...
Averages around $150.00 per month here. House I live in was built in 1880, and is only slightly more insulated than when it went up. I rent, so can't do much about it. It's baffling for me to think of anyone paying under $50 for electricity and actually spending much time in their place. This is probably because I live in Lousiana, where the summers are brutal and utilities are monopolized.
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