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I got: Whiskey Stones (like several of you) Socks NATO straps for my watches A bottle of Blanton's A few books NFS Hot Pursuit game
Pulled a female friend's car out of the mud with a truck.
-To the douchebag sitting next to me at the bar: I have no problem with someone taking a picture of the whisky you may be drinking, but I get annoyed pretty quickly when you have the bartender pull a bottle of more expensive shit down so you can stage a picture of it next to your glass. Oh, and shut the fuck up about your iPhone. It is in fact not the finest device in the world, and the college student you're trying to impress doesn't give a fuck.
For what it's worth, my lace-up boots have held up a little better than those pictured earlier in the thread. They're not anything spectacular though. I can't recommend them, particularly at their current ($150) price point. I'll try to get some pictures when I can.
I drink tap, albeit filtered through a Brita when I am home. Bottled whater when I travel typically.
PC is the only way. I find the anlog stick FPS experience to be tedious and unintuitive.
I kill mosquitos and silverfish immediately. Anything else usually gets relocated outside. Spiders are occasionally allowed to remain if they are small enough not to warrant a pet deposit.
My boots are due to be delivered today. I am afraid, but will report back. I almost want to return them without wearing them first at this point. *edit* My wife convinced me to give 'em a shot. I'll wear them tomorrow and see what happens. They are definitely pretty stiff right now.
Quote: Originally Posted by epilepc Are anyone else's boots backordered again until the 28th? Quote: Originally Posted by Land's End Canvas BACKORDERED Estimated shipping date: 10/28/2010 \tMen's Leather Lace-up Boots I am on the fence about canceling. I really want these boots, but the delays are disappointing.
Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson Bacon cheeseburger w/ fried onions, grilled mushroom, jalapeno, A1. Fries. Drink. I had this today, it was pretty damn good. The cheese was clearly stuck between the patties cold, but other than that, it was fine. Ingredients seemed fresh, and the (cajun) fries were very good.
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