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I've got the better portion of a bottle of Metaxa in my bar right now. any other suggestions for this stuff?
I joined after following a link to a watch in the FS forum from another forum. I started poking around and never looked back.
Quote: Originally Posted by BlackToothedGrin Stella is the best restaurant in the city, but not a place for a b-party probably. Stella is pretty fucking good. I always try to get something there when I'm in NO.
Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one Need some real nasty chili cheese fries right now. Fixed for me. With jalapeños.
I had never heard of the Shamrock Shake. I will now seek one out. How minty is this motherfucker? I have an version to foods that are overwhelming, particularly when peppermint oil is involved.
Quote: Originally Posted by pronxs difference between brockton and buckingham? The toes are slightly different between the two, and the Brockton has a cushioned insole. It looks like the toe is a little slimmer on the Buckingham. There were no Buckinghams available in my size or I would have tried those on also.
Quote: Originally Posted by Nil I'd tear up a Sloppy Joe right now. Fixed for me. My wife makes a sort of Sloppy Joe using alphabet soup, ketchup and mustard mixed into the beef. It is just not the same. It's not bad, but not a "real" Sloppy Joe.
Abinta Strawberry Harvest Lager. It's a seasonal, and out a couple months early due to the freezes we had in Louisiana recently forcing farmers to pick strawberries early.
Grabbed some Bass Brocktons in taupe and navy over the weekend. Now I need to figure out what in my feeble wardrobe will work with the blue shoes.
My wife dated a very close friend of mine. Although they weren't together when we started dating, it was a bit thievish.
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