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Cool story PP. Thanks for sharing. I assume no Hobers were "injured" during the "catch" and that your wrist has recovered.
PP - Sorry for the sidebar but I'm intrigued by the baseball in the background of your recent pics. What's its story?
Great week PP!
Yes you do.
PP - I like your collar with the English plaid much better than the spread with the grenadine. Something doesn't work for me with that spread collar. Maybe it's just the picture. I know that's nit picking but I don't remember seeing you wear spread collars like that one.
Getting caught up after a couple of weeks..all I can say is well done guys. Really enjoyed the write up on the silk scarves.
PP - You do a fine job as the forum's ambassador for Hobers! Your modeling efforts are appreciated.
His photos are all excellent and inspiring. You're lucky you only want this one tie. I want all of his ties!
tchoy - Could you explain your polishing technique with a little more detail please? Did you polish the entire shoe with brown and black or just certain parts such as the toe box? Did you also use burgundy polish along with the other two? In what order did you use the various colors? Did you use one or multiple colors on the toebox "spit shine?" And anything else that you might add. Thanks.
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