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How's the dri fit funk on this shirt? I've found some of my synthetics shirts develop smell much faster than others.
It's always a surprise to see the huge amount of space they have in their San Francisco union square flagship store, great idea to buy that property when they did as I don't think there's any way their sales could pay for such a gigantic space now.
Some Proof NY stuff up at Huckberry: https://huckberry.com/store/proof-ny PM me if you need a referral.
Bonobos is having a sale, discount is based on amount of your order, I think it expires today so hurry if you want anything. Use code ITSALIVE or if that doesn't work try ITSALIVE35NJ ‚Äč+ $10 off a an order of $75 or more + $25 off an order of $150 or more + $50 off an order of $250 or more + $125 off an order of $500 or more + $200 off an order of $750 or more + $300 off an order of $1,000 or more + $400 off an order of $1,250 or more + $525 off an order of $1,500 or more
I picked up a shawl cardigan sweater in Tokyo a few week ago for 3900 yen, not cold enough to wear it yet but looked like a good deal to me. Not available in the states yet.
I used Airism undies as my travel underwear (washed in sink and hung dry) and didn't experience any odor problems whatsoever. I think the writer is speaking generally since it's synthetic.
Added some more pics. The inseam is the Gustin standard 34". My inseam is less than 30" so I'd have had to alter these or do a lot of folding if I wore them out.
For my android browser there is a desktop view option, worked for uniqlo.
https://www.weargustin.com/campaigns/762 I backed these jeans and received them about 3 months later however after trying them on I realize I need a 31 Slim instead. I only wore these to try on for about 5 minutes so they are new. Fabric feels very soft, not stiff. I'd consider trading for 31 Slim in another pair of Greyish Gustin jeans, message me what you have. Otherwise I'm selling them for what I paid plus shipping to you. Payment accepted by Amazon Payments or PayPal.
Don't know if it was just me but the white supima I received wasn't that bright of a white, looked a tinge bit yellow compared to another white shirt I had next to it.
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