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Just get a real pair of snowboarding pants, they need to be really elastic at the bottom to fit over your boots, plus you want gaiters there to keep the snow out of your leg.
Go with small, medium would be too big.
Who says Gustin has to limit themselves to what others do? Isn't being different from the others why they were founded? Also, I don't know of any other jeans you pay for and wait 3-4 months for while they are made for you, that would seem like an ideal situation for customizations in fact. They are already making the jeans for a waist size you specified, adding in the inseam to the order isn't asking for the moon. If companies can offer made to measure $400 suits, I think...
Perhaps you can ask for donations from those cutting their jeans shorter so you can sew them on to your jeans.
How about customizable inseams in general? Seems like a waste of fabric and time to cut everything to 34" for those that need shorter or longer inseams. I know it's easier to make everything just a single length but come on.
Some winter items have been added to the online store: http://www.uniqlo.com/us/men/featured/new-arrivals.html
I'd vote for a tech fabric (Schoeller or similar) performance pant, current options out there are priced ridiculously.
I haven't had any issues at all with sweat accumulation on my pants from wearing synethetic underwear. If you actually soak your pants because you sweat so much from your underwear region in casual situations, maybe you have other problems. Is that why they call you Itchy?
How's the dri fit funk on this shirt? I've found some of my synthetics shirts develop smell much faster than others.
It's always a surprise to see the huge amount of space they have in their San Francisco union square flagship store, great idea to buy that property when they did as I don't think there's any way their sales could pay for such a gigantic space now.
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