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Good opportunity to grab some hard to find Ultra Boost in your desired colorway as Ebay has a promo on their front page, 20% off coupon on eBay for clothing, shoes, and beauty products. Use this code: C20HELLOSPRING
Even better as they have a 10% ebay bucks promo going on right now you can stack this with, that ebay bucks promo ends today so hurry.You can add different items to your cart from different sellers and use that code, max is $50 off so $250 is what you're aiming for to get the most out of this.
Interesting in the past few days we've seen the women's trench and now bomber being admired. Bombers look unisex, if you can size up and fit the women's size go for it. I've done that with Nike Frees as a shoe is a shoe as long as it fits you. Actually the women's bomber looks a bit cropped, may not work for the fellas.
One thing I learned to eat healthier on the road is that many restaurants will allow substitutions and customizing your order. For example, they could have a grilled salmon dish that comes with a lot of sauce on the salmon plus fries on the side. I ask for grilled salmon only without the sauce (you can season with lemon slices and salt/pepper), then I ask to substitute out the fries for mixed vegetables (scan their menu to see what veggies they have). Many will accommodate...
Uniqlo Says It’s Struggling In The U.S.:
Undershirt only since I only have heat-tech v-necks and they are deep.
Saw this on reddit, sneak peak of spring/summer Lemaire collab:
Bummer Uniqlo is leaving the guys out in the cold as the ladies got the Carine Roitfeld Spring collection dropping today. I would have liked to see them fill this hole in their menswear collabs with something.
You mean store credit.
Definitely not overkill since they won't be offered again. I wish I had stocked up on the stretch slim tapered colored jeans (they actually look and feel more like chinos) at $20.
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