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Restock on the dry stretch sweatpants. Free shipping on all orders as well.
Did you put in the dryer?
Interesting, so Fast Retail has their own Gap with Uniqlo and Old Navy with GU? Where's their Banana Republic?
50% off may sound incredible but they offer 40% off every month or so, all the mall brands do that. Personally I hate that model but US customers seem to be more attracted to shopping with coupons with big % discounts. When JC Penney hired a guy from Apple to be their CEO, he got rid of the non stop sale/coupon game and instituted fair pricing but JCP's sales suffered. I hope Uniqlo doesn't feel the need to go down that road of doubling their prices and then offering...
Gustin has offered various grey colored jeans in the past, you should keep an eye on them. You just missed out as last week they had such a pair up but it's been completely funded already: https://www.weargustin.com/store/1291
Putting Japanese writing on your labels doesn't make you a Japanese company.
Men's 7 socks for $7 came back in stock: http://www.uniqlo.com/us/product/men-socks-7p-137163.html
Just get a real pair of snowboarding pants, they need to be really elastic at the bottom to fit over your boots, plus you want gaiters there to keep the snow out of your leg.
Go with small, medium would be too big.
Who says Gustin has to limit themselves to what others do? Isn't being different from the others why they were founded? Also, I don't know of any other jeans you pay for and wait 3-4 months for while they are made for you, that would seem like an ideal situation for customizations in fact. They are already making the jeans for a waist size you specified, adding in the inseam to the order isn't asking for the moon. If companies can offer made to measure $400 suits, I think...
New Posts  All Forums: