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Added some more pics. The inseam is the Gustin standard 34". My inseam is less than 30" so I'd have had to alter these or do a lot of folding if I wore them out.
For my android browser there is a desktop view option, worked for uniqlo.
https://www.weargustin.com/campaigns/762 I backed these jeans and received them about 3 months later however after trying them on I realize I need a 31 Slim instead. I only wore these to try on for about 5 minutes so they are new. Fabric feels very soft, not stiff. I'd consider trading for 31 Slim in another pair of Greyish Gustin jeans, message me what you have. Otherwise I'm selling them for what I paid plus shipping to you. Payment accepted by Amazon Payments or PayPal.
Don't know if it was just me but the white supima I received wasn't that bright of a white, looked a tinge bit yellow compared to another white shirt I had next to it.
Do you think 1" is about right and 2" is too much for a subtle stack?Also do you wash before hemming? Assuming wash and hang dry (no dryer at all), should you expect any shrinkage at all on the inseam?
Had no idea +J pieces would be re-released, awesome. If they are offered, I'm looking to cop the flannel straight dress pants, maybe the wool shawl collar cardigan if the pilling is fixed. I'm very curious how the quality will vary compared to the original pieces since it'll be a much more mass produced line I assume? Based on the sale prices I got for +J when last offered, the quality to price ratio was insane.
Unfortunately being short and buff is like the polar opposite of who SNS designs Starks for.I've seen a shortened Stark sold on ebay, looked decent from the pic. So if you really want a Stark, there's a way. Of course you'd need to find a really good tailor who could work with such a knit.
For the shirts I linked to, there's no way they designed those to be worn untucked based on the length.
I have a couple of these from this season: http://www.uniqlo.com/us/product/men-oxford-long-sleeve-shirt-069233.htmlFor a casual shirt I was surprised how long they were. I'd need to get a bit over 2" chopped off to wear them untucked.
GreyXBlack is back, these tend to go pretty fast. https://www.weargustin.com/campaigns/763
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