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Uniqlo Says It’s Struggling In The U.S.: https://www.buzzfeed.com/sapna/uniqlo-says-its-struggling-in-the-us
Undershirt only since I only have heat-tech v-necks and they are deep.
Saw this on reddit, sneak peak of spring/summer Lemaire collab: http://www.highsnobiety.com/2016/01/22/uniqlo-lemaire-fw16-collection/
Bummer Uniqlo is leaving the guys out in the cold as the ladies got the Carine Roitfeld Spring collection dropping today. I would have liked to see them fill this hole in their menswear collabs with something.
You mean store credit.
Definitely not overkill since they won't be offered again. I wish I had stocked up on the stretch slim tapered colored jeans (they actually look and feel more like chinos) at $20.
I'm wondering though if that's just the case for the US's sold clothes. Before it was the same clothing world wide just different labels for that particular country's language and sizing system.
That was my experience as well. I do wonder if they'll start making fits looser for the US market as they continue their expansion.Also, I'm not sure about the other Asian countries but I know for Japan the tagged size is one size larger than the US counterpart, ie. US Small = Japanese Medium.
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