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I'd just go with raybans myself. They're much cheaper and still the original.
I'm trying to decide on whether to give the BB MTO Shirt experience a shot, or to go with my first Moderntailor shirt. Here's my situation: I need a couple staple shirts in solid blue, white, and perhaps a pink as my current selection is running ragged. I'd typically go with BB rtw, but they have a really crappy selection of rtw shirts with a Londoner collar and button cuffs right now. Plus, I'd like to give one of these MTM online experiences a shot. BB...
The shirts look excellent. It's too bad that they are a bit too full cut for me. Mark replied to my questions quickly and looks to be an excellent seller.
I only have a couple as my job rarely requires a white shirt. I have a BB slim fit non-iron and a Black and Brown brand from The Bay. I don't really love either brand or style. The BB one fits much better but I'm not a fan of the collar (ainsley). I bought this shirt for interview purposes as it is the most conservative, or in other words, forgettable. Its run of the mill style lends well to many business occasions and I end up getting a lot of use out of it. It seems...
Thumbs up in casual situations, especially as an alternative to a ball cap (unless you're going to a ball game of course).
It's too bad their shipping for 4 trees to Canada is $30.95. I'll have to pass.
A brief history: First, the history of the button down collar is a relatively quick one that helps us understand it's true purpose. This type of collar is actually an ad-hoc solution that a polo player from Great Britain threw together to avoid having his collars hit him in the face as he galloped full-speed down the field in a heated polo match. This occurred in the 1800's and in 1896, Brooks Brothers brought this collar style to America and they continue to...
I'm looking to buy a classic Navy Blazer. BB fitzgerald fit, or similar. 2-button preferred. Something that has a classic look with a higher gorge.
Quote: Originally Posted by elegantgentleman From what I've seen, it looks like those Bay stores are only selling whatever stock they have left and are not receiving new stock. I remember reading that Holt Renfrew is now the exclusive carrier for Polo stuff. They also have Purple & Black label as well. You may be right. A friend told me that the better brands are moving to Holt and away from quasi-lower end department stores such as The...
Last time I checked, The Bay at the Eaton's Centre has RL polos. I just get em at a thrift store every once and a while. You'd be suprised at the number of excellent polos that can be found for under 5.99. Polos are just something I hate spend a lot of money on.
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