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I'd recommend finding a good used Parker 51. You can often find a decent one ebay for around $50.00. I'd recommend learning about the subtle differences in production years, so that you know what to look for. The following sites are quite good: http://www.parker51.com/ http://www.vintagepens.com/Parker_51.shtml I have a Parker 51 from the 50's and it writes beautifully. It is easy to refill, not fussy, and the hooded nib makes it very reliable as it helping keep...
The only experience that I have with a shoe of your description is the Magnanni Toledo. It's constructed completely different from the AE offerings (bologna as opposed to goodyear), but from my experience the fit is generous in the toe while also being quite snug in the heel. One of the most comfortable pairs that I own. The lining is like butter. Disclaimer: I own an older model, and the leather has developed a small crack. To me, it just adds character. I am...
+1 for the ROM. You said that you never go to see live sports? How bout catching a Jays game. Go there on a Saturday afternoon, buy some cheap seats and some peanuts and enjoy. The nosebleeds in the Skydome are a lot better than you'd think. I'd also recommend centre island.
Quote: Originally Posted by Redwoood I sure hope you mean cologne, or things have gotten much worse since the last time I flew coach... nah...I think he meant colon. Ever flown Air Canada?
I use a DE razor and have aboslutely no desire to switch back. About six months ago, I thought that I'd give my old fusion a shot to see what it felt like. I took one pass, and pulled out my merkur to finish the job.
Quote: Originally Posted by Stylin-1 LOL, this stuff is exactly why doctors passionately hate the internet, and I cannot say I really blame them. I can't say I blame them either, it would get annoying to constantly debate the symptoms with a "know-it-all" patient. On the other hand, many need to get used to an educated customer. There too many of doctors out there who really don't give a shit. They only look into symptoms very superficially...
I provided them with a Bertoni shirt measurement, the fit on that shirt is still much better than the BB slimfit.
Quote: Originally Posted by Reevolving Are there "great value" sunglasses (Ebay/knock-off/under $30) Please disregard the above as they are more than $30.00. For that price range I'd just stick to the gas station version for $10.00. I don't know if bumping up the price category to $30.00 will give you a whole lot more.
Quote: Originally Posted by clotheshorse69 Continue buying $10 shades at Walgreens. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Seems like you are making dress overly complicated with the addition of designer shades. I'm not sure how the puchase of designer shades over-complicates things. A MTM shirt is much more complicated. Anyway how bout Persol: Or RayBan:
Quote: Originally Posted by columbia92 I vote for Modern Tailor too... I just got an email that they are now running a big sales now. I got the email today and considered it an omen. I'm going to order one shirt for now and see how it goes. Light pink oxford cloth, 2 button cut-away with MOP buttons. All for $51 USD (including shipping).
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