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Quote: Originally Posted by HEWSINATOR There is a thread addressing this somewhere. I performed a search. There were numerous threads discussing Dacks and their demise, but I didn't see one addressing the liquidation store. If you can find a thread that matches this, enlighten me.
I was looking to see if I could snap up a pair of Dacks shoes online when I came across this website: http://www.danburysales.com/liquidat...cks/dacks.html It appears that they are currently being sold out of a place in Oakville. Has anyone in the GTA had a chance to check this out? It could be an old site and the liquidation over. Just curious. If someone has checked it out, what are the prices/selection like?
I agree. the sizing on the models is much better. I quite like the camel/argyle look on one of the models. The cardigans look good as well (for those who wear them).
Looking to pickup a nice overcoat, preferrably in grey (herringbone preferred) or blue (the BB striped offering from last season was nice).
So I ended up accepting the order. Fedex did allow the option to have the shipment sent back to the sender. I contacted BB about this and they would allow it. The cost that would not be eligible for a refund was the $27 shipping charge. The Duty breakdown was as follows: Duty: $76 Tax: $27 Brokerage Fee: $10 The brokerage fee did not make up a substantial portion of the cross-border fees.
Quote: Originally Posted by Canucker How much is actual tax and duty, and how much is a Fedex brokerage charge? I try to use USPS to get things across the border - $5 brokerage irrespective of item value. Cheers, Bryan I would but BB only ships Fedex ground to Canada and Puerto Rico. Quote: Originally Posted by SuitMyself I'm sorry to hear about that, RICH. Sorry. Obviousyl, BB declared the full value of your...
I just took advantage of the 50% off sale at BB and purchased a couple shirts, a sport coat, and socks. Total order was roughly $450. I received a message today from Fedex with a quote of $113 for the duty and tax (I live in Canada). Now, I usually end up with a charge of about $30.00 for an order that large, which I'm okay with paying, but $113 or 25%? WTF? Is there anything that I can do at this point? Could I have the shipment sent back? reassessed? (yeah...
Goodwill. If they're low end and casual, you could experiment. At the very least you could cut a hole in the underside and remove them. I doubt that they did a great job of holding the collar in shape in the first place.
No thanks.
I claim to be no Burberry expert but I believe this is the difference: Coat 1 SHORT TRENCH COAT$1595.00PREVIOUS | NEXTstyle # 10000004587 Short, double breasted trench coat in a slim fit with a hook and eye closure and chin strap at the collar. Set-in sleeves with epaulettes, a square gun flap at the right chest and two slant pockets with button closure in the front. Includes a self fabric belt with D-ring detailing and belted cuffs, all with leather covered...
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