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I'll chime in, even if I don't have any experience with the BB MTM service. I purchased one golf collar shirt from BB about a year ago (it was on sale for $30). I've ended up wearing it about 3 times since then. It is a bit difficult to pair up with different looks as it can't be worn open. I find that the collar points (if you want to call them that) are a bit short if anything. I wear a 4 in hand tie and find that the collar point just closes the gap between the...
^^ +1 Chalk only.
check your pm.
Looking to buy a pair of Swims Mobsters. Regular would be fine also. I'm a US11D so I believe that I fall between a L and XL.
Quote: Originally Posted by bellyhungry Have anyone from Canada ordered from Brooks Brother online site and shipped them to Canada? Can you please share your experience? I am looking for some extra slim fit shirts but the collection at their downtown Toronto store is not as comprehensive as their online store. Thank you. You can purchase BB items directly from their online store and have them shipped to Canada. A word of warning:...
BB Fitzgerald in grey flannel or navy blue solid. Do not go for the stripes until you have at least 1 (preferrably both) of those staples. BTW, please don't wear stripes to a wedding or funeral. Stripes are strictly business. If you search this site, you'll find a ton of info on this topic.
I usually just go with the GAP variety. They are cheap, thin (which is great if you decide to wear them under a jacket) and typically last about 2 years at which point, they fall apart. I'll be heading to the GAP soon. My 2 years are up.
Up for sale are a few items that are not getting enough wear time to justify keeping them in my wardrobe. All items are sold as is. No guarantees are made on fit, please see measurements listed below. Items are being shipped from Canada so please inquire about shipping prices. Will ship to Canada and US. Offers welcome. Paypal only. 1) 42L London Fog Trenchcoat. This is an older model (not the cheaply made newer London Fog) that is in near new shape. Made in USA. ...
Touche. Thank you.
Quote: Originally Posted by HEWSINATOR There is a thread addressing this somewhere. I performed a search. There were numerous threads discussing Dacks and their demise, but I didn't see one addressing the liquidation store. If you can find a thread that matches this, enlighten me.
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