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I'm intereseted in this as well. ^^ Could you include a waist measurement?
I can vouch for the quality of the black fleece cashmere vest. Super Soft.
consolidated w/ another thread.
11D. Preferrably Alden, preferably shell cordovan, preferable the handsewn leisure model but will consider a bass or otherwise in a burgundy calf. The ones I'm looking for:
Looking for metal or MOP collar stays. 2" in length.
Quote: Originally Posted by wetnose Absolutely...in my pre-sf days, got sold a 40R suit when I'm a true 40s. I look like I'm wearing my dad's suit in that 40r. Will never buy a suit there again. ever. Funny, I've had the exact opposite experience. Most places measure me as a 44L but was sold on a 43R in Samuelsohn. Best fitting suit purchased to date. Guess it comes down to the sales rep. When you find a good one, don't buy from anyone else.
Quote: Originally Posted by texas_jack I think one is good. There have been times when I need to take off my jacket but don't want to leave my wallet in it. +1 Practicality wins for me as well
Quote: Originally Posted by Jodum5 Anything I need to know? I don't do power lifting, as I weightlift to tone up. Don't worry about Cardio as I do my running/biking outside. I incorporate powerlifting movements to my routines, hence I weight lift at home. Without knowing your exact goals, I would recommend buying a set of powerblocks and perhaps a kettlebell to start. You really don't need to move into barbells to keep toned up, and if...
I hear ya. The fit of even the BB slim fit is quite roomy. I've also found that the RL Custom fit OCBD sport shirts fit quite well. Best of luck.
Here you go. The shirt measurements were mocked from an Italian shirt that fit me very well. Moderntailor has done an excellent job replicating the fit. The pics were done quickly this morning, I apologize for the bad lighting and colour. After looking at the pics the shirt wasn't tucked in all that well either.
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