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The only pair of shoes that I have in my rotation that have been purchased in Canada (other than sneakers) is a pair of Stefano Branchini's that I purchased from David's on Bay and Bloor. Their website has a poor selection of mens shoes, but I've been quite happy with the Stefanos. http://www.davidsfootwear.com/ Most of my shoes are either from Leathersoul Hawaii or the B&S
Quote: Originally Posted by leon12 Musgo's AS splash smells nothing like the cream.. still nice though. Have you tried Proraso's Splash? How would Musgo's compare? Maybe I should pick some up when I run out of the Proraso.
Alt'Innsbruck for sure. Great cooling effect and the tobacco scent is great. BTW, I always have a bottle of Aqua Velva, Old Spice, Dominica Bay Rum and Proraso on hand. This is a very pleasant one I discovered as well. The Vanilla scent is really nice. Cheap too:
I would highly recommend that you find a really good fitting shirt no matter the price then copy the measurements and get some shirts made from moderntailor. It beats trying to use body measurements and tweaking. Either way....Moderntailor.
I don't want to put words in his mouth, but I'm guessing that it had something to do with the proportion of vamp to welt/sole. As those shoes are glued, there is an absence of a welt. It makes them appear un-balanced and makes them look as if that the uppers are not attached to much at all. my $.02
Quote: Originally Posted by St. John Any thoughts from Canadian forum users on Coppley MTM suits. I'm looking at getting one done. the fabric is a Loro Piana Super 120. I've never really looked at Coppley in the shops before. the price tag would run to a little over 1100, with vest. Thanks. While I don't have experience with Coppley MTM (I'm assuming that you are having this done at Harry Rosen), the Samuelsohn MTM and RTW suits are...
Why don't you sew a stitch in the buttonhole to tighten it up a bit? It will close the button hole a bit and should help the button stay in place.
I'm in a similar situation...working full time in an interesting field while in my 4th year of a Commerce degree. I actually pursued something similar with a local non-profit organization. It was a Big Mistake (and yes, I realize that "non-profit" should have raised numerous red flags and alarm bells). I found that the additional workload completely killed my motivation and work/life balance. It was nights spent studying/performing bookkeeping services, not fun. I...
Quote: Originally Posted by NewYorkRanger Wearing the new rig, too bad FNB isn't here to see how I can "clean up" Curious to hear ghow you guys think the grey blazer, now three piece, came out. Rob, you need another badass leather briefcase. Other than that, two thumbs up!
Does anybody know who makes these: http://www.herringshoes.co.uk/produc...&colour_id=427 They're the Herring Broadway made on the "Stepney" last. Secondly, what is your opinion of the rubber/leather sole? (I like everything about the shoe except this)
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