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That CK Peacoat is a total abomination. Zipper??? A zipper doesn't belong on a peacoat. The Sierra Peacoat looks ok. Not the greates looking peacoat I've seen. Here's the real McCoy: Schott 32 oz. wool. Keeps you warm despite the temp. Made in the USA. Badass.
There's a Le Chateau for men in a local mall. My opinion...Stay Away. It's all made in China, and very poor quality. Tends to be "wear-once" club wear that will surely fall apart after one wash.
SF AAAC The Sartorialist
Street wear please. Why isn't there a choice for: "none of the above"
The short answer: Yes. But I tell you it is worth every minute. The thing is, if you just shave one pass (like most do with a mach 3) then you should have about the same shave as a mach3 in about the same time. To get a truly great shave though, you have to do 3 passes. one with the grain, one accross, and one against the grain. (grain=direction of beard growth) I highly suggest checking out www.badgerandblade.com
I'd go for a turned back button cuff. I believe that they're also called cocktail cuffs. On the left in the pic below. A nice french cuff is great as well.
Hi there, first post on these forums by myself. I'm an AAAC member, and have been a SF lurker. This thread sparked me to sign up and comment. I completely agree with Mark on this one. Something completely obnoxious is only fitting. I say that you have no choice but to get the XX embroidered on them with a caption below stating: "Stay thirsty my friends." I look forward to future posts here.
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