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I have a similar issue with one of my jackets. I'd be interested in any helpful replies.
Quote: Originally Posted by jbuffone I'm not a Zara fan by any stretch, but I do think their suits are pretty good at the price point. They tend to be 100% wool and the silhouettes are quite up to date. The cloth is about as cheap as it gets and will find all the mass production details one would expect in an inexpensive suit. I agree, their silhouettes are modern, I just get the "Le Chateau" feel with their clothes. I'd also recommend...
The reason it sucks is because it's from Zara. That the equivalent of Le Chateau in terms of quality. $500 won't get you a "quality" suit (especially in Canada). I would suggest checking out Toms Place. You could also look at buying a suit from (an I'm gonna get flamed for this) Tiptop tailors. If you buy a decent looking suit from them, then get it tailored, you should look better than 99% of the population. I would also recommend checking out some of the shops...
Quote: Originally Posted by AThingForCashmere These are very close, if not the exact ones: http://www.gap.com/browse/product.do...022&tid=gofr1r I'd recommend these as well. Good quality shirt for a very reasonable price.
Quote: Originally Posted by Gradstudent78 I agree in part, but I do think there can be significant quality differences between cheaper no name brands and more expensive glasses. My cheaper glasses have been chipping paint since the first year I bought them, while the more expensive brand name glasses look as good as new, both bought at the same time three years ago. I agree 100%. All of the "cheaper" glasses that I've purchased have never...
I'm wearing these Ted Baker's now: This will be my next purchase (after Christmas):
You have to go with Canada Goose. Nothing beats it for the price. I've been living in Whitehorse for the past couple years, and it gets cold here. I mean cold (-40 C) . The Canada Goose Bomber does a fantastic job. I'd really like to get this one as well:
Another one that is much better than the OP (especially if you live in Canada): http://www.fendrihan.com/
Yes, I believe so. They are the first pair of shoes that I've had recrafted by AE. I have not yet received them in the mail, so I can't say for sure. The photos I submitted are ones sent from AE.
I just found a pair of AE Richmonds at a local thrift store for $10.00. I had em recrafted. Before: After:
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