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Quote: Originally Posted by Ich_Dien Don't waste your money. Anything between $10-1000 is pointless when it comes to watches. +1 If I were you, I'd buy a $100 Seiko, Tissot, or Citizen, then slowly add to the $400 until you have enough to step up to $1,000+ watch.
BB, definitely.
I watch too much Top Gear on BBC Canada. I end up pronouncing vehicles here like they do in the UK. I've got some strange looks pronouncing Impreza "Impretza" and the Prius "PrIus" It just sounds better!
I'd say the one on the left. It looks a little less chunky, more like a driving loafer.
Quote: Originally Posted by brokencycle Yes, but it was purchased second hand. So it doesn't count as international charity. Yes, but if he sews the "made in Moldova" tag on the outside or wears the jacket inside out as to expose the label (aka Fresh Prince) I say that it counts. In all seriousness, if it fits you properly you're much further ahead than 99% of the population.
Quote: Originally Posted by AvastBulkington I live in cleveland and am looking for a winter workhorse boot. http://www.allenedmonds.com/aeonline...ategory=120552 Sorry man, I guess that I jumped the gun before reading your entire post. For a winter workhorse, I'd suggest a pair of redwing gentleman travellers. Welted, will take a beating.
No thanks, there really is no value in those. You should seriously check out Leathersoulhawaii.com You should be able to pick up a pair of shell cordovan chukkas for about $595. Calfskin for about $450. Now you may think I'm suggesting something way out of your price range, but in the long run, they'll have at least double the life, they'll age well, and will probably become your favourite pair of shoes. Compared to a pair of "throwaway" AEs, there's no...
Anything in the Eaton Centre?
Quote: Originally Posted by audiophilia Immaculate. Conception. What shirt is that? Love the collar.
I have taken quite a liking to Chanel Allure Homme Sport. DR Harris Sandalwood, and Givenchy pi neo are also good.
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