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If you're willing to take a short trip outside of the city I would highly recommend a small shop in Bronte (just west of Oakville). The shop is called European Time, and I've had great experiences with Ingo. Very knowledgeable and reasonable. He's repaired a vintage Telda for my father who had a rough time finding someone who would do it. He's also a Citizen dealer. Website: http://www.europeantime.com/index.php
Quote: Originally Posted by why Because with rowing these do not matter as much (the body's weight is not a resisting force as it is with running). The formula used by the C2 computer is (I believe) a 21 year-old 170lb. man. Adding a decade or 30lbs. or so to that won't change much, since it's really using the wattage input from the rower to calculate energy requirements. If you're concerned with counting every last calorie, the Concept2 website has...
Quote: Originally Posted by Tarzan The machine said I burnt 165 calories in these 12 minutes. How accurate are the calorie counters on the C2? To the best of my knowledge, the machine doesn't have a menu to enter your body's specs (height, weight, age) like many treadmills.
Quote: Originally Posted by z7f9q Department stores already deal with this by limiting quantities. You usually know when somebody's buying to flip items, just limit their purchase to a reasonable amount for personal use, or stop giving loss leaders. Put it right in a policy by the cash and it won't be a problem. +1 You beat me to it.
5 stars for whusurdadi. Great seller, I'd gladly do business again.
[/center][/quote] This is one of my favourites. Great shirt.
Quote: Originally Posted by jessbaumung Ive heard that one is really good actually. I dont own a car so I never go there. Worth checking out if you're in the area. I've found an ermenegildo zegna suit in there once. It didn't fit so I didn't buy it (kinda wish I did). The rise on the pants was obscene, I'd say it was at least a 14"rise. I've also found a 100% Cashmere Turtleneck for $5, a hardly worn London Fog trench for $14. I've also...
There are probably around 10,000 thrift stores in and around the city. I've found the best stuff in an Oakville Value Village - Dundas and Winston Churchill.
Thanks, found it. I'd rather have an excuse to go to Hawaii though
Is anyone aware of a retailer in Canada that sells RTW EG? Or...do I have to head south of the border? Maybe a trip to Hawaii.
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