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Quote: Originally Posted by repp_fink I have a similar problem: whenever I wear undershirts beneath my open-collar dress shirts, the thick gold chains I like to wear slide around too much beneath my shirt. Normally, my solution is to not wear an undershirt at all, and simply allow my thick, curly chest/lower neck hair to keep my chains in place. However, I also sweat profusely and constantly, particularly during police interrogations. Is there some...
Quote: Originally Posted by Doxe Stagioni on Toronto Street (just east of Tonge off of King) usually has a decent selection of sport coats you can't find elsewhere in Toronto - Corneliani, Pal Zileri, etc. Usually at a decent price, too. V Hazelton in Yorkville has Attolini, Borelli, and Kiton of you're more of a big-timer. Thanks, I'll check them out next time I'm in Toronto. I was just in Victoria for a few days on business and I ran...
Closet Clearing!!! I'm selling a number of items that I just don't wear. Please pm for shipping quote or more information. I live in Canada, will ship to Canada or US. No Returns. Paypal only. Brooks Brothers Slim Fit Golf Collar Shirt 16.5 - 35. Brand new, never removed from the bag. Sold Hugo Boss Orange Label Wingtips. Size 44. These are in excellent condition, worn under 10 times. $50.00 Sold -- RL Linen/silk pants 36-32, 9" leg opening. These...
My impression of the store was a lot like yours. An educated web-BB shopper will not find the prices all that attractive. Nice store, great to have a look at something that you've been eying online.
I was just given one of these for my birthday. I love anything flat black. Unlimited engraving potential.
I think it is. You'll find that prices are higher than the website. It's nice to head in and take a look around. You may find something, you may not. If you are looking for some more shopping opportunities, take the subway north to the Bay-Yorkville station and walk along bloor. You'll find Harry Rosen, Holt Renfrew, and a host of smaller shops that may cater to your interests.
Walk straight up Bay from Union and enter the Royal Bank building. Head down the escalator one level and you should find it. Here's the google map version: http://maps.google.ca/maps?f=d&sourc...13926&t=h&z=17
Quote: Originally Posted by TRINI Via Cavour always has amazing Pal Zileri sportcoats. Right on. Thanks.
I'll be looking for some new sportcoats and a navy blazer. My shoe and shirt situation is okay, maybe a nice wool winter coat come fall. Any recommendations for sportcoat shopping in Toronto other than Harry Rosen or Holt? I'll be looking for some decent RTW items.
Quote: Originally Posted by Metlin And if you want something slightly better, you could always get the Brooks Brothers stays. +1 I had these given to me as a Christmas present, I absolutely love em. (I think I get too much joy out of collar stays)
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