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Quote: Originally Posted by ProfessorShak If you're on the athletic side, you could give Brooks brothers GF slim fit a shot. Have 6 and personally love them. They're also a good value when u buy 3 during the FF sale. +1 These are great. They fit really well.
Quote: Originally Posted by DocHolliday As far as forum-approved brands in your price range, you might be able to turn up an Italian-made Polo blue label suit Doc, how does one know if the Polo blue is the SF approved Italian made variety. Are you going straight off the "made in ___" on the tag? I'm looking at a blazer on ebay with the following tag: Any indication if it is the SF approved variety? Quote: Originally...
Quote: Originally Posted by TheBlackBruceWayne i got WILD EXCITED just now... until i glanced to the left....and saw the date.... Ohhhh Fuck! Oh well, there's always this year
Could someone please post pics of their shoes with different coloured laces? I'd be interested to see how they look as I lack the imagination necessary to visualize a pair of shoes with laces that don't match the colour of the shoe.
What Shoe width do you typically wear? Would you be willing to ship to Canada?
Quote: Originally Posted by raybert The Seiko SCVS013 is about 11mm thick Thanks. It's a bit too thick for me.
Quote: Originally Posted by laughwithm3 What's the thickness of this watch? I'm looking for something similar. I checked out a Seiko 5 at The Bay, and it was much too thick. The bracelet felt cheap too. How do the Japanese Seiko's compare?
I just took the plunge into the world of pleated pants. I took advantage of the BB Clearence sale and picked up a pair of pleated BB pants Regent Fit, single reverse pleat. Navy check flannel. I can't wait till they arrive.
I think that all this controversy is getting his thread bumped to the top of the page....Nicely played.
Quote: Originally Posted by why ur doin it wrong Not necessarily. It could be anything from muscle atrophy to shoes. Just build up some resistance to the running. Slowly you'll develop a tolerance to the stress.
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