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Quote: Originally Posted by Mark Seitelman I have had a couple of shoes with Vibram placed on the sole (similar to Topy). You cannot use such shoes for ballroom dancing because you need a leather sole to slide on the dancefloor. (I used to dance.) Good luck. I was waiting for someone to chime in with this comment. When speaking to my grandfather about shoes, a man who believes in the benefits of the topy, he would always qualify his...
Quote: Originally Posted by IBJanky Finally made up my mind and just bought #2 (Hilton) in the burnished chestnut brown color That mofo better like it myke Good Choice.
+1 for Hilton in Chestnut if you are dead-set on buying brown shoes. The Strand in Burgundy would probably be my choice for more versatility while still avoiding black.
http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=179056 See Point #2. If I'm not mistaken, the above link is to one of your posts.
I agree with applying them on a blake welted sole after the shoe has seen significant wear. I'd rather wear my shoes with leather soles, but if there is no chance of resoling (blake resoling is not common in North America) I'd give Topy a go. Your shoes look great. I've seen some hack jobs in the past.
What size are they? For the right price I can take them off your hands
After posting, I stumbled upon your ad in the B&S. I typically fit a size large. I'll PM you for more info.
Quote: Originally Posted by Knowledge is King This isn't a pique vs. pima cotton thing. he's referring to polos that have a fabric similar to that of a fine knit sweater Correct, its not a pima vs pique. What I'm looking for is probably more of a fine knit sweater with a polo collar. Quote: Originally Posted by Knowledge is King This kind of polo doesn't necessarily have anything to do with cotton -- it's simply a fine...
Hi Guys, I've been looking to purchase a few knitted polos for summer wear. I'm not sure if "knitted polo" is the correct term, but I'm not looking for the traditional athletic type that is typically offered by RL, or Lacoste. Rather, I'm looking for ones that that resemble a sweater. Pic for reference: The image was pulled off Customshirt.com and it is the only online retailer that I am currently aware of that sells this type of polo. The custom shirt variety...
Quote: Originally Posted by ProfessorShak If you're on the athletic side, you could give Brooks brothers GF slim fit a shot. Have 6 and personally love them. They're also a good value when u buy 3 during the FF sale. +1 These are great. They fit really well.
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