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Last time I checked, The Bay at the Eaton's Centre has RL polos. I just get em at a thrift store every once and a while. You'd be suprised at the number of excellent polos that can be found for under 5.99. Polos are just something I hate spend a lot of money on.
Quote: Originally Posted by Reevolving . What's the difference b/w a $20 belt and a $100+ belt? Can someone post some compare/contrasts ? They do last longer. Usually a good belt is made of superior products whereas cheap ones are made of everything from paper products, to corrected grain leather. I have an old Giorgio Armani belt that has outlasted many "cheaper" belts. Just about everything about it is better, the leather, the buckle,...
If only it were a 16.5 ... someone's going to end up with a great shirt for $35.00
Quote: Originally Posted by kenmoor123 No experience with the model, but generally J&M Fit true to size. 205N First digit indicates year, second & third digits shows month. Hence, May 72, 82 or 92. Most likely is 92. Thanks Kenmoor, your knowledge is astounding. J&M's quality has really diminished over recent years. Assuming that the shoe is a 92, would the shoe still be worth the asking price? Was this before the company went...
Ok, these were the numbers he provided: 11 D/B 17234 5 3 24-4949 205N What sequence am I looking for? the 205?
Thanks guys . His guess was that they were from the 90's. I asked for the numbers on the insole. Does anyone know how these shoes fit compared to AE or Alden?
Hi Guys, I'm looking to determine the age of the pair of J&M Aristocrafts below. I've sent an email to the seller asking about the age of the shoes, but wanted a second opinion from those of you who are knowledgeable in this field. The seller is looking to get $300.00 for them, which seems reasonable. Thoughts? Should I pass at that price?
How does the 82 last fit? I typically wear a size 11D in american shoes such as AE, Alden. Those Malvern's are amazing.
I have a pair of Magnanni Cap-toe Balmorals, and I have to admit that they are the most comfortable shoes I own (mind you my current stable consists of AE, Stefano B, and Alden). The leather is like butter, and they've developed an awesome patina. I really like the Spanish company.
How would the fit of these compare to say AE?
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