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I was in their Vancouver store recently and the SA mentioned that they slimmed their Regent jackets for the Canadian/International market. Not sure if that's true, or if they just slimmed the entire line. OTOH..it could just be a bunch of BS.
I've been watching the NHL playoffs and, being Canadian, always enjoy Hockey Night In Canada's Coaches Corner. Through all of the clutter of Don Cherry's entertaining outfits, I noticed that Ron MacLean has recently switched from wearing shirts with a pointed collar to a spread. Anyone know what brand of shirts he has switched to? Its a nice wide spread, not a typical shirt for a sports anchor. [[SPOILER]]
I agree that going to the director with a complaint without a solution is a recipe for disaster. How technically skilled is your IT Director? FWWIW, I've seen our IT department ostracize a manager who did not have the technical skills of the rest of the staff. It apparently caused much frustration when decisions had to be made and the manager was not able to fully appreciate all of the technical intricacies of certain options. Should the staff have provided their...
Quote: Originally Posted by Shiny I wish that folks would post their before and after weights. I think for men 150lbs to 170lbs would be a good range (depends of height, i know). One guy posted a good review in another board and he was all gung how that he lost 20lbs and "looked cut." When pressed on his weight it was from 240 to 220 and he was 5'10". Come on, that's obese. I lost only a few pounds throughout the whole program. I put on...
I've finished the first round of P90x and I thought that I would share my results for those interested in the program. There is no doubt that this program works. I started in reasonably okay shape. Prior to this I would usually perform an average of 3 lifting days per week. My workouts going into the p90x program were starting to get a bit flat though. Just blah. No inspiration. My diet going in to the program and throughout was pretty much unchanged. I eat...
Since we're on SF - Couple tins of kiwi and a couple rags (we can save up for a horsehair brush). Bet I make more than the lemonade idea; less than the bank heist idea
If I were to buy a pair, I'd probably go with Gucci or Ferragamo. I've really started to despise most of them. After watching Wall Street 2 and seeing Shia Labouf rock those gucci's, I can't shake the young, poor-dressed banker connotation.
Wouldn't a leveraged ETF such as SSO give you double the exposure to the S&P 500? http://www.fool.com/investing/mutual...sampp-500.aspx
Couple Questions about the Fitzgerald Fit: What size would you choose for a person with the following measurements: 6'0 180 lbs Chest: 41.75" Shoulders: 19" Waist: 33" Also, If I fit a 44R in a Regent, would I also fit a 44R in the fitz?
Quote: Originally Posted by comrade I thought all you guys wore were Sorels, Eh? I thought all you guys wore were flip flops ....http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Md69zCJKD1c
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