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I'm 5'7" 143 lbs and am XS in jcrew outerwear and usually 36s in my suiting. I had a schott 654 cafe racer that I let go recently because it was 16.3 in the shoulders and I couldn't layer or zip it up very well. My structured suit shoulders are usually between 17-17.5, but 16.5 can work if it's completely unstructured.
the clean moto is the one I'm looking at, and I'm not sure if I should go S or XS. Would you mind taking a shoulder measurement. Or ballparking your suit shoulder measurement so I can compare? I'd really appreciate it.
I'm looking at a small golden bear club monaco DR right now, the plainer one without the snap closures. Is that the one you have by any chance? If so, would you mind throwing out a shoulder measurement? Thanks.
I went w/ CP, and they fit, but are a little tight. I am D that borders on E.
For what it's worth, I almost got the tan side zips and asked Lian if they were a different last than the chelseas b/c they looked wider. He said the lasts are identical, but that the shaft on the chelseas has less material bc of the elastic. So, on foot, the two should look the same.
I don't know much about construction, but I can say that they feel flimsier than my peal, rm williams, and meermin chelseas which were all about the same price point. On the flip side, only the rm williams had a similarly slim last.
I'm a 7.5 in RW beckmans, and got a 40.5 SeF chelsea. I could have fit a 41 and easily fit a 41 with insoles.
Could be b/c your foot's a lot bigger than mine, so size changes for you aren't as big proportionally, but going up or down 1 size usually makes a shoe unwearable for me.
silly me for wanting my shoes to fit.
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